Brisbane Truck Show ready to go

Fifi Box on Sunrise

Fifi Box on Sunrise

American Team Jets In
For National TV Truck Make-Over!
The award-winning RealWheels Corporation of Chicago will fly in to Brisbane to team up with Western Star Trucks and Queensland based national accessory distributor TRADE ONLY to put on an amazing display of truck make-over magic!
This spectacular event aimed at promoting the forthcoming May 14 -17 Queensland Truck & Machinery Show will take place in the city centre at Brisbane’s Reddacliffe Place on Monday May 11 in front of a national audience broadcast live by Channel 7’s ‘sunrise’ breakfast show, hosted by the effervescent and irrepressible Fifi Box.
In a matter of hours a brand new truck will be transformed into a sparkling chrome and bodywork masterpiece that will enthrall the crowds.
The vehicle… aptly named the ‘Sunrise Express’ in honour of the TV show will then be transported to the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds to remain on display throughout the Queensland Truck & Machinery Show, now the largest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The ‘Sunrise Express’ will start the day as a stock standard Western Star 4800 prime mover, it will then be outfitted with many aftermarket accessories and trim parts with the entire build process captured during Australia’s number one national breakfast show.
Following a year of extensive road-testing, research & development a new line of commercial truck products are about to be unveiled to the Australian market by the USA based manufacturer. RealWheels recently named Trade Only as their exclusive Australian Distributor and will combine efforts during the Truck & Machinery Show this year.
“We are so excited to have Trade Only as the exclusive distributor of our products in Australia.” said RealWheels Vice President, Jhan R. Dolphin “and we are thrilled to visit Australia and work side-by-side with them on the Sunrise project, and the upcoming Truck & Machinery Show.”
Jhan added; “We have always received a great deal of interest from customers in Australia, and so we are really pleased to finally provide them with easy access to our products.”

Queensland based TRADE ONLY Managing Director Lance Gillies, added his support by stating;
”The award-winning RealWheels Corporation has been producing vehicle enhancement products for over 30 years and have created some unbelievable custom vehicles so it’s great to have them visit Australia and participate in the ‘Sunrise Express’ project.”
The team at RealWheels Corporation (RWC) have been responsible for the design of some of the coolest customized, themed vehicles in the world. They built that amazing Hummer that rolled on tank treads instead of wheels, custom sports cars and even modified big rigs.
Another high-profile vehicle project was built by RealWheels Corporation for Illusionist, Criss Angel and his American television series Mindfreak and last year they customized vehicles for an HBO television series promotion. Currently touring the U.S. is an extremely customized project vehicle they built for legendary rock band Cheap Trick as a tribute to the band, cool cars, and the history of rock music.

“Many Australian customers are bored with what is available for their trucks.” Says Trade Only’s Lance Gillies. “The designers at RealWheels create extremely innovative products and now we can offer customers unique wheel accessory products that completely enhance a trucks appearance. In an effort to streamline the way a truck moves through air, we can also provide an aero-dynamic innovation, promoting better fuel economy.”
Come along to the CBD on Monday 11 May and visit for more details of the show.

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