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truckiesonline looks at Big Rigs road transport publication

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

This has got to be Australia’s leading road transport publication. Capably led by an enthusiastic and dedicated editor, this publication has positioned itself as a very credible publication targeted at the trucking industry.

Editor Bob Riley, has a style that reports the road transport industry, warts and all, offering traditional balanced stories and is not based on his opinions, but on opinions at the coal face, not just the decision makers, but the “truckie” behind the wheel of the big rigs that travel our major (and not so major) highways.

With a team of journalists in all Australian states, the publication gives a snapshot of day to day “truckie” life, as well as the families and networks that form the road transport family. You never know when a photo of a truckie and his big rig beside him, is going to be published next. Most of us like to see our photo and expect to cop a bit of stick from other drivers when our photo appears. met Bob personally and it does not take long to see the passion he has for this Big Rigs publication and the people who form this great trucking industry we have in Australia. Other publications in the market place, based on magazine formats, do not come close to this newspaper styled format, as it is the only fortnightly published national newspaper of its’ type and we who are part of this industry should be proud to read it regularly.

It’s a read you can confidently take home for the family or like many “truckies”, have back copies in the cab.

This publication prints 28,000 copies fortnightly and distributes to all states and is available FREE at 700+ outlets across the nation.

If you are not reading Big Rigs, you should, because it’s all about us…the “truckie”.

Do yourself a favour…..get a copy today!

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Get me loaded

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Just found this great site to help all truckies help in their business.

Here’s the link