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Brisbane Truck Show

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The Brisbane Truck Show is on again from May 14 to 17 at the RNA. This bi-annual event, touted as the best Truck Show in the southern hemisphere, will have something for everyone, whether you’re a truckdriver, an owner operator a transport company or just have an interest in the road transport industry.

The CVIAQ has gone to great lengths to make this truck show 2009 bigger and better than before. The major truck manufacturers will be there showing their latest madels from here in Australia and some from overseas ready to hit the Australian market. Truckiesonline will be there and hopes to see record breaking truckie enthusiests supporting Australia’s best truck show, the Queensland Truck and Machinery Show. Watch out Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane has it all!! While you’re there say gidday to the hard working team from BIG RIGS, that great national truckie newspaper for the road transport industry.

Truckiesonline have supplied a direct link for you for more information….just click the link…

Queensland Truck and Machinery Show


Monday, March 16th, 2009

Jamie Hooker, now a novelist, still an Aussie truckie (currently looking for truckie work), spoke to about the release of his first book about the life and times of an Australian truckie.

SNOWBALL AT THE CUTTA will make you laugh, perhaps cry a little, and make you feel like going for a beer or two. A West Oz truckie who has done the hard yards from Perth/Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney/Bris….you know the track across the NULL INVOID. Always thinking of humorous things and events while on the long haul, Jamie Hooker decided to write this novel about his adventures, and what a great truckie novel it is.

It just shows you the Aussie truckie is more than that… they say Australia stops without truckies. Renegade truckies gotta get the freight across the NULL INVOID PLAIN to the other side of Strayia…. but not all of them will make it. You’ll get to know Givva, Dogbox, U-Buet and Bad Co….. take a ride with them…’s a damn good read worthwhile reading. Jamie sells the book online…go to links on right hand side of page….have a look at the website… on centre screen….. good reading and congratulations Jamie… would make a great movie.

A plea for work

Monday, March 9th, 2009 covers many facets of the road transport industry. We have received a request for help  from one of our several aussie truckies who follow our blogs and we decided to publish this plea for work.

“I am a small business operator based in Queensland, and I am struggling sevely with the lack of work and I am in too much debt to get out of it at the moment. I have spoken to my finance company who just don’t want to help us. I am trying to sell my 2 quad trailers but to no avail. I did have a truck and dog set up, but I thought I would take a shot and turn the truck into a prime mover. I don’t know if I should sell my other truck as I can’t find a driver at the moment, or should I turn that into a prime mover as well, but all this costs money which I don’t have enough of.

I am now looking anywhere to get tow operator work. I have gone to the find loads and registered but have got nothing.

I am getting very desperate as no other finance companies willing to help me refinance or changing the existing contracts, or even trade the other trailers in on a more suitable set and it is making it difficult to find work. I am at a loose end and don’t know where to go from here. I NEED WORK FOR MY TRUCK it is that simple. With no work how can I pay the house repayments and the car repayments. I can’t feed my kids and new baby due anytime now. This is all too much stress for me, let alone my partner who feels he is a failure because he can’t provide for the family.

Can someone suggest any work……PLEASE!!!!

Sherry……mobile 0438 158 614


Monday, March 9th, 2009

Word has it that 300million$$$$ put aside by governments to improve or ad extra rest stops for truckies is no longer available. Is this just another excuse because of the “global financial crisis” or cost cutting before the spate of oncoming state/federal elections?

Truckie safety is a commitment every government fails to address. Truckies need these rest areas to meet the safety criteria imposed by governments, but fail to supply the facilities required. There is a lot of law abiding truckies who continually scratch there heads in wonderment as to when critical issues like truckies rest stops are resolved, instead of using truckies as a political platform.

If this current info TRUCKIESONLINE has is correct…….truckies should collectively respond. Truckie safety should be not an issue, it is the responsibility everyone in the trucking industry to address and make trucking in Australia safe.