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Swine flu…how did it start?

Thursday, April 30th, 2009
Is this the culprit????

Is this the culprit????


Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

The CVIAQ has really pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the appointment of Kerry Brunton as the Communication & Marketing Manager for the 2009 Truck & Machinery Show.

Kerry has a pedigree background in major media circles both here in Australia and the UK with a corporate and media network that is unsurpassed in Brisbane and possibly Australia. He has a visionary gift and talent to brings things together with successful outcomes that make other marketing managers green with envy, as no paradigm has been built big enough for Kerry.

He will set standards for the Brisbane Truck Show that other states will find hard to duplicate. Even with this global financial fiasco at hand, the trucking and machinery industries alike, will be greatfull that Kerry Brunton is driving the show in this gloomy financial climate. Go for it Kerry Brunton…..wave your magic wand, truckiesonline is with you all the way


Friday, April 24th, 2009

Everyday you will hear “buffoons” on channel 40…particularly at peak hour traffic time when the professional truckies need to have optimum concentration on the road. It is nothing but childish and irresponsible of these “buffoons” who should be hung out to dry.

Poor attempts at animal impersonations over channel 40, do little to help the plight of professional truckies. While channel 40 is a dedicated truckie channel, why not open up a “buffoon channel” so the “buffoons” can clown around with each other and leave the pros do their jobs.


Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Found this on youtube…it’s easy to happen truckies…so take it easy!!

What did the guy following do?

Channel 40 Brisbane… Donny in the morning

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Most truckies in Brisbane wake up to “Donny” in the morning. This guy does a brilliant job in updating the latest info on Brisbane traffic, the whereabouts of the latest speed camera locations, and just general “have a good day” talk with Brissy truckies.

There is no need to listen to Brisbane commercial radio, you’ve got it all here with “Donny”.He is one of those great Australian characters.
Donny, as one of our “truckie characters”, salutes you. You are our first entry into the “truckiesonline hall of fame”.
How about a “pic” Donny, so truckiesonline can publish it.

Is there similar guys in other capital cities in Australia who do a similar morning radio show on channel 40…just like Donny?

Diesel-Mix Gas and Kenworth T604 tests

Friday, April 17th, 2009


Success with Series 60 Detroit Diesel Engine

Diesel-Mix Gas has successfully converted a Kenworth T604 with a Series 60 Detroit engine to LPG. This is despite claims made from within the Diesel-Gas industry, and from Detroit engineers within Australia that conversion on this engine was impossible without altering the program within the Engine Control Module of later version of the engine.

Our success with this installation opens up the floodgates for all of our customers with trucks powered by an engine from the Series 60 family of Detroit Diesel engines. This is in addition to the great success we have had with our LPG system on Cummins and CAT family truck engines, as well as Volvos. The DieselMix-Gas LPG system produces significant fuel savings on trucks with all of these engine types.

Since installation of our LPG system (late in 2008) the owner has been seeing fuel savings averaging over 15%. This is outlined in table 1 below which shows the outcome of just three of the truck’s trips since installation of the DieselMix-Gas LPG system. These calculated savings are printed here with the truck owner’s permission.

Table 1: Summary of 3 Trips with LPG System
Period Distance Travelled (km) Diesel Used (l) LPG Used (l) Absolute Cost Saving Cost Saving (%) Cost Saving (c/km) CO2 Reduction (%)
10 Feb 822 337 86 $81.31 15.53 9.9 10.87
24 Feb 1508 610 174 $152.66 15.90 10.1 10.75
3 Mar 1570 630 176 $167.14 16.72 10.6 11.72
Overall Savings 3900 1577 436 $401.11 16.15 10.3 11.17

With savings like this, the owner of the truck is incredibly happy, and so are we. Now we can add Detroit Diesel engines to our repertoire of engine types that our LPG system produces great savings on. DieselMix-Gas can convert trucks which have Cummins, CAT, Detroit Diesel and Volvo engines, which opens our system up to the majority of large trucks driven on Australian roads.

DieselMix-Gas LPG System Good to GO!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

This Western Star already fitted a review

After many months  of research and development, and close analysis of the fuel figures from several actual installations of the DieselMix-Gas LPG system onto client trucks, we are proud to announce that our Diesel/LPG system is now ready for deployment on large trucks powered with the popular Cummins ISX and Signature engines, and also CATERPILLAR C-10,C12,C-15 and C-16 engines.

DieselMix-Gas has gathered all the knowledge about these engines we need to be able to deploy our LPG system onto trucks with these engines in large volumes with the help of an installer network. At present DieselMix-Gas is expanding our installer network so large scale deployment of our Diesel/LPG system is possible.

The engine types we have installed our system onto include Cummins Signature and ISX engines (between 500HP and 580HP), and CAT C-15 engines. These installations have occurred during 2008. All of our LPG systems are working very well and are averaging a saving over 10% in fuel operational costs alone.

For the latest data go to…