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Brisbane Truck Show….raging success

Saturday, May 30th, 2009


Six companies were recognised with show awards at the 2009 Queensland Truck and Machinery Show. Mr Brett Wright, CEO of the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association (CVIAQ) praised the exhibitors for their contribution to what is forecasted to be the best show in the 41 year history of the event. “The show is a major undertaking and construction of the exhibits is a mammoth task spanning 5 days and involving thousands of contractors and staff to bring it all together,” said Wright.The 2009 Queensland Truck & Machinery Show Awards consist of 6 major categories with winners as follows:

Truck of the Show Sponsored by Truckin’ Life


Outstanding Truck Manufacturer Display Sponsored by Australasian Transport News & Owner Driver


Outstanding Trailer / Body Manufacturer Display Sponsored by Deals on Wheels


Outstanding Vehicle Component & Equipment Display Sponsored by Diesel


Outstanding Earthmoving Manufacturer Display Sponsored by Earthmovers and Excavators


Risk Management Excellence Sponsored by Worklaw Health & Safety


Mr Wright added: “The judges commended both the individual winners and the industry as a whole on a truly world class display at this year’s show which is conducted on a biennial basis”.

Brisbane Truck Show….innovations

Monday, May 11th, 2009
Get Real....can you believe this!

Get Real....can you believe this!

Some of the creative concepts on display at this years’ 2009 Brisbane Truck Show…..don’t miss out on seeing them.

Also on display is the “DREAM POLICE”….. it’s a work of art.

police dream machine

police dream machine

Just a few surprises at the CVIAQ Brisbane Truck & Machinery Show, Brisbane RNA, Friday 14 to 17 May.

Brisbane Truck Show ready to go

Monday, May 11th, 2009
Fifi Box on Sunrise

Fifi Box on Sunrise

American Team Jets In
For National TV Truck Make-Over!
The award-winning RealWheels Corporation of Chicago will fly in to Brisbane to team up with Western Star Trucks and Queensland based national accessory distributor TRADE ONLY to put on an amazing display of truck make-over magic!
This spectacular event aimed at promoting the forthcoming May 14 -17 Queensland Truck & Machinery Show will take place in the city centre at Brisbane’s Reddacliffe Place on Monday May 11 in front of a national audience broadcast live by Channel 7’s ‘sunrise’ breakfast show, hosted by the effervescent and irrepressible Fifi Box.
In a matter of hours a brand new truck will be transformed into a sparkling chrome and bodywork masterpiece that will enthrall the crowds.
The vehicle… aptly named the ‘Sunrise Express’ in honour of the TV show will then be transported to the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds to remain on display throughout the Queensland Truck & Machinery Show, now the largest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The ‘Sunrise Express’ will start the day as a stock standard Western Star 4800 prime mover, it will then be outfitted with many aftermarket accessories and trim parts with the entire build process captured during Australia’s number one national breakfast show.
Following a year of extensive road-testing, research & development a new line of commercial truck products are about to be unveiled to the Australian market by the USA based manufacturer. RealWheels recently named Trade Only as their exclusive Australian Distributor and will combine efforts during the Truck & Machinery Show this year.
“We are so excited to have Trade Only as the exclusive distributor of our products in Australia.” said RealWheels Vice President, Jhan R. Dolphin “and we are thrilled to visit Australia and work side-by-side with them on the Sunrise project, and the upcoming Truck & Machinery Show.”
Jhan added; “We have always received a great deal of interest from customers in Australia, and so we are really pleased to finally provide them with easy access to our products.”

Queensland based TRADE ONLY Managing Director Lance Gillies, added his support by stating;
”The award-winning RealWheels Corporation has been producing vehicle enhancement products for over 30 years and have created some unbelievable custom vehicles so it’s great to have them visit Australia and participate in the ‘Sunrise Express’ project.”
The team at RealWheels Corporation (RWC) have been responsible for the design of some of the coolest customized, themed vehicles in the world. They built that amazing Hummer that rolled on tank treads instead of wheels, custom sports cars and even modified big rigs.
Another high-profile vehicle project was built by RealWheels Corporation for Illusionist, Criss Angel and his American television series Mindfreak and last year they customized vehicles for an HBO television series promotion. Currently touring the U.S. is an extremely customized project vehicle they built for legendary rock band Cheap Trick as a tribute to the band, cool cars, and the history of rock music.

“Many Australian customers are bored with what is available for their trucks.” Says Trade Only’s Lance Gillies. “The designers at RealWheels create extremely innovative products and now we can offer customers unique wheel accessory products that completely enhance a trucks appearance. In an effort to streamline the way a truck moves through air, we can also provide an aero-dynamic innovation, promoting better fuel economy.”
Come along to the CBD on Monday 11 May and visit for more details of the show.

Truckies comment..Channel 40/Truckstops

Friday, May 8th, 2009

It appears to me that this seems to be the attitude of a great number of the present day truck drivers.
Now, before you all get your knickers in a knot about my comment’s, and there will certainly be quite a few that will, I feel, that as a veteran of some 43 years in the industry consisting of 11 years local, 15 years as an owner operator on local and intrastate and 17 years interstate and still going strong, I think that, if anyone is entitled to comment upon the state of the industry, it should be people such as myself.You only have to stop at any roadhouse today and you will know what I mean about my comments.

Whether it be the ignorant sod who fuels at the browser’s then proceeds to do his shopping before moving his truck away from the pumps, even though blind Freddy can see that there is a queue up of trucks waiting to get fuel. BP Goondiwindi is a classic example.
Or maybe it’s the filthy scumbag who uses the amenities and leaves them like a pigsty with no regard for the next unfortunate person who uses them. I recently had the misfortune to use the showers in the Shell roadhouse at Wyalong after some filthy pig of a thing had crapped in the shower cubicle. How course is that? For God’s sake, the toilets are right next door.

Maybe it’s the ignorant, inconsiderate individuals who persist in stopping at the fuel browsers to wash their trucks. The new BP at Wallan southbound was considerate enough to supply hose’s on retractable reels, so that we can fill our water tanks and washer bottles. These will soon be removed because these other individuals are abusing the service by using the hose’s to wash their prime movers on the driveway, with complete disregard for any other user’s. The worst part about this is, the ones that I have witnessed doing this, don’t even fuel there.
Or how about the people who use the roadhouse as a parking lot and take up all the parking spaces in the roadhouses for their local trucks, leaving no room for trucks that fuel there to park for a shower and a meal. I am convinced that some of the cafe’s in these roadhouse’s are suffering, because people like myself don’t even bother stopping there anymore. BP’s Cooper St, Rocklea and Laverton are prime examples.
I must admit that the prices that some of the roadhouses charge for the muck that some, not all, pass off as good wholesome food, is enough to make you stop going there anyway.

But wait, I digress.
Now, the language and the attitude of the users of the UHF radio is the main one that appears to be getting up the noses of quite a few people, not just me, and with good cause. Channel 40 is commonly used as the main contact channel and is widely recognized as the “truckie channel”. This does not, by any stretch of the imagination, mean that it is for the sole use of the truckie. The language that is being used on all channels of the UHF of late is now going beyond a joke.
Contrary to the belief of many of today’s truckers, the UHF is a communication device which is used by a wide variety of the community including some emergency services and farm families with young children. It is NOT for the sole use of the Australian truck driver as some would like to believe.
Most times, when the worst offenders are chastised about the use of bad language on the radio, the standard reply is, “if you don’t like it turn it off”. Why should the majority of radio users turn the radio off because the minority of scum, who persist in degrading and misusing this useful important piece of equipment, say so?

Come on guys. Wake up to yourself. Our industry is in a bad enough state now, without people like you dragging it down even further.
I think that it is high time that we all wake up and stand back to take a good hard look at ourselves and tidy up our act. Until such time as we do, we will never receive or should expect to receive the respect and recognition that so many of us feel that we so deserve and are not receiving. At the present moment I don’t see where we are deserving of that respect.
I remember the time when the Australian truck driver was commonly known as the knights of the highway. These days our reputation, thanks to the thoughtless minority, is fast becoming something that I, for one, don’t want to become.
Remember, respect is earnt. It is not a God given right.

Earth Cruiser at Brisbane Truck Show

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The world’s first unveiling of ‘Earth Cruiser’ and it’s made in Australia !
Regular readers could be forgiven for thinking the Queensland Truck & Machinery Show being held at Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds this coming May 14 -17 will be an event just for the heavy vehicle and mining industry, but they would be pleasantly surprised!

For at the 2009 show there will be plenty to see and do for the whole family, with some amazing big rigs, trailers, diggers and earthmoving equipment to thrill the youngsters and some amazing creative and visually stunning concept vehicles to attract and satisfy any audience.
Amongst those who should consider a trip to the show would also be the adventurous holiday makers or the budding grey nomads and thrill seeking cross country and across the globe explorers who want to do it in luxury surroundings. Because on exclusive display at this year’s show will be the world’s first unveiling of ‘Earth Cruiser’ an all terrain 4×4 motor home that offers extended and comfortable travel to places that most people only read about in adventure magazines, while still benefiting from luxurious accommodation.

More than just a mobile home for driving around coastline and countryside ‘Earth Cruiser’ delivers the opportunity to adventure to exotic parts of the world that extend beyond the map where a standard mobile home could never venture! Extensive market research has shown that a medium sized 4×4 motor home with luxury and energy saving appointments that can simply be driven into a shipping container for international touring, is missing from the world stage.
Earth Cruiser is purpose built by ‘All Terrain Motorhomes’ a Queensland company owned and operated by two talented individuals, Kym Bolton and Lance Gillies, each with over 25 years experience in their respective fields.

The first ever EarthCruiser will be on the Mitsubishi Fuso stand at the Queensland Truck & Machinery Show RNA Showgrounds 14 – 17 May 2009.

Truckiesonline secures exclusive media launch for CVIAQ tv campaign for the Brisbane Truck Show

Friday, May 1st, 2009

TV station stations around Australia release this TV ad on Monday 4th. May. truckiesonline has the exclusive media launch (exclusive to truckies) for this fantastic Qld Truck & Machinery Show. The biggest and best in the southern hemisphere.


Brisbane Truck Show Space Filled

Friday, May 1st, 2009

All Australian truckies should mark 14th to 17th May as a must visit day for the 2009 Brisbane Truck Show as the Brisbane Truck Show steams ahead.

The heavy vehicle industry and its peak body – the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Q’ld (CVIAQ) is not letting the global economic crisis stand in its way!
Commenting on preparations for the 2009 Queensland Truck and Machinery Show to be held from the 14 – 17 May at the Brisbane RNA Showground’s,
CEO Brett Wright said;
“The 2009 event is destined to be a record breaker on all fronts. Despite the economic uncertainty we are expanding! We are already in the position to announce that all previous show exhibition space has been filled and all the big truck and equipment manufacturers are locked in, ready and raring to go!

Our waiting list of additional exhibitors now stands at well over 200 applications, all of whom are keen to get a spot at the show for the first time. So with the recent approval of our Traffic Management Plan allowing the closure of Gregory Terrace, we have been busy re-planning the show site and doing everything in our power to accommodate as many of these prospective exhibitors as possible.
Our forecast is that the 2009 Queensland Truck and Machinery Show will deliver a marked increase in exhibitor and visitor numbers, which is great news on the back of announcements of show closures among other motoring industry groups. Add to that the recent announcement of the 30% Government Investment Allowance which must be taken up by June 30 and all things point to a much needed boost for our industry.”
Brett concluded by stating;
“The Queensland show is the only industry owned and run event of its type in Australia where all proceeds are invested back into serving and supporting the commercial vehicle industry. As the premier event in Australia our aim now is to position the Queensland event as unquestionably one of the worlds’ premier truck shows, located in one of the very best destinations in the world for show attendees to do business, relax and enjoy!”

In further good news for the Queensland event, the 2009 show has been endorsed by new major industry sponsors such as Fleet Partners, BP Australia and Brisbane’s RiverCity Motorway Group, the people responsible for the new tunnel system running underneath the city.
truckiesonline will be there!!!!