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truckiesonline supports beyondblue

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

beyondblue is for you

beyondblue is for you

We at truckiesonline supports the great work beyondblue offers to the transport industry which truckiesonline is part of. We will publish relevant information to people of the trucking industry so that “truckies” get benefit and understanding about “depression“.

What is diurnal mood variation?

beyondblue’s Clinical Advisor Assoc/Prof Michael Baigent explains:
Diurnal mood variation is a symptom of depression defined by feeling worse in the morning and better as the day goes on. It’s a symptom usually associated with more severe or melancholic depression and is accompanied by a range of other depression symptoms. These can include loss of appetite, sleep disturbance with early morning wakening, weight loss, low energy and low sex-drive.

Diurnal mood variation shouldn’t be confused with “not being a morning person”. If you wake up and don’t want to go to work, but you don’t have any other symptoms of depression – there might be other causes for why you feel unhappy. With diurnal mood variation, we’re usually talking about more severe depression. It’s not as though you wake up feeling terrible then feel great by tea time, you’re quite depressed all day, but you feel absolutely dreadful when you wake up.

We don’t know a great deal about what causes it, but it’s likely to have something to do with our biological circadian rhythms (a person’s natural body clock).

For a clinician, it is usually an indication to consider antidepressants for treatment. That is not to say that you don’t get diurnal mood variation with the milder forms of depression, because you can, but it’s not as common.

Based on my clinical experience, I probably see the diurnal mood variation symptom in around a quarter to a third of people with more severe forms of depression.

Diurnal mood variation is not treated as an isolated symptom. The approach to treatment of clinical depression involves first excluding medical causes, then deciding on appropriate treatment. That might include an antidepressant medication and psychosocial treatments as well (i.e. talking therapies and lifestyle changes). In cases of severe depression, the person may benefit by being referred to a psychiatrist for assessment of the best treatment options.

It can take a bit of time to get better from it and generally the longer you leave treatment, the harder it can be to get on top of.

ATA supports beyondblue

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Raising Anxiety and Depression Awareness during ADA month
The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) will show support for beyondblue: the national depression initiative by putting anxiety and depression on the trucking industry’s radar during October.
The Chairman of the ATA, Trevor Martyn, today announced the association’s involvement in beyondblue’s Anxiety and Depression Awareness (ADA) Month, which aims to raise awareness of symptoms and where to get help – and address the associated stigma.

Mr Martyn said that depression affects around one million Australians each year of all ages and backgrounds, including people in the trucking industry and every other industry too.
“In Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month, the ATA will run a campaign to urge trucking operators and employees to get the facts and seek help early if they think they have depression,” he said.
“Depression is much more serious than feeling sad every now and then or having a bad day on the road. If you aren’t travelling too well, don’t be embarrassed to have a chat to your doctor. The sooner you recognise you’re not well, the sooner you can get treatment and be on the road to recovery.
CEO of beyondblue, Leonie Young, said: “We’re very pleased to work with the ATA to let people in the trucking industry know there are treatments for depression and anxiety that can help you recover.
“Less than half the people affected by depression seek help, because they don’t recognise the signs of depression, they don’t know where to get help, or they’re too ashamed to talk about how they feel.
“It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Talk to your doctor or contact the beyondblue info line on 1300 22 4636,” she said.


The ATA and beyondblue invite trucking operators to participate in ADA Month, including by:
• distributing beyondblue information and posters in workplaces and depots, available free from or by calling 1800 226 718 (free call).
• nominating a ‘wear blue’ day for staff to raise awareness of anxiety and depression.
• booking a beyondblue National Workplace Program workshop to help staff or managers recognise anxiety and depression in their colleagues.
• changing the company’s on-hold message during October to include information about
depression, beyondblue’s web address and info line number, 1300 22 4636.
The ATA’s awareness campaign will consist of feature articles in industry magazines, advice for truck drivers and trucking operators in the ATA’s e-newsletters and an information pack for operators on the ATA’s website.
The ATA has separately recommended to the National Transport Commission that depression screening should be included in the medical checkups undertaken by commercial drivers. Commercial drivers whose screening results suggested depression would be referred for help. The recommendation would not put their licenses at risk: drivers would continue to hold their licenses unconditionally unless restrictions became necessary under the medical standards that apply now.

Media contacts
Australian Trucking Association Stuart St Clair 02 6277 7680 / 0428 488 330
beyondblue Jane Gardner 03 9810 6100 / 0428 333 917
About the Australian Trucking Association
The ATA is the peak body that represents the trucking industry. Its members include state and sector transport associations, the Transport Workers Union, some of Australia’s largest logistics companies, and elected representatives of owner-drivers and small fleet operators.
About beyondblue
beyondblue is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia

Volvo Tests new BIO fuel for diesel engines

Saturday, September 19th, 2009
Volvo Bio Fuel ready for market

Volvo Bio Fuel ready for market

Volvo Trucks is now taking the next concrete step towards carbon dioxide-neutral road transport. Within the framework of a broad-based joint project, field tests are being conducted with 14 trucks running on Bio-DME – a fuel that combines a low environmental imprint with high energy efficiency.

In August 2007, Volvo Group unveiled seven demo trucks from Volvo Trucks each running on a different type of biofuel, one of which was DME (Di-Methyl-Ether). This initiative showed that Volvo has the technical solutions for running the efficient diesel engine on virtually all existing renewable fuels.

Today, in a joint project with actors including the EU, the Swedish Energy Agency, fuel companies and the transport industry, Volvo Trucks is investigating the potential for large-scale investment in DME produced from biomass, a fuel known as Bio-DME.

Unique field test with 14 customers

Volvo Trucks is participating in the project by contributing 14 Volvo FH trucks that will be tested by selected customers at four locations in different parts of Sweden between 2010 and 2012. The first field-test truck is being shown today in Piteå, where the production of Bio-DME will take place in Chemrec’s plant. The Volvo Group, of which Volvo Trucks is a part, is one of the co-owners of Chemrec via its subsidiary, Volvo Technology Transfer.

From a facility beside the Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner pulp plant, the project will produce four tonnes of Bio-DME per day. The raw material used is black liquor, an energy-rich, highly viscous by-product of the pulp industry. Through gasification of the biomass in the black liquor, what emerges is a particularly clean and energy-efficient fuel. The plant is being inaugurated today by the King of Sweden, who is renowned for his keen interest in environmental issues.

“From the holistic viewpoint, Bio-DME is one of the most promising second-generation biofuels. Bio-DME provides both high energy efficiency and low emissions of greenhouse gases. We value these two properties particularly highly as we analyse various possible alternative fuels,” says Lars Mårtensson, environmental affairs director at Volvo Trucks.

Compared with a conventional engine, Bio-DME as a fuel in a diesel engine provides the same high efficiency rating but also a lower noise level. In comparison with diesel fuel, Bio-DME generates 95 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions. What is more, the combustion process produces very low emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxides. All this makes Bio-DME an ideal fuel for diesel engines.

The entire chain

The field test gets under way in 2010 and encompasses the entire technological chain from biomass to fuel in trucks, in other words including distribution and filling stations. Fuel company Preem will build filling stations so the trucks can be used in regular regional and local operations. The other companies involved in the project are Chemrec, Delphi, ETC, Haldor Topsoe and Total who are contributing as partners.

Inspections and evaluations of the fuel, truck technology, customer perceptions and distribution system will provide answers as to whether Bio-DME may emerge as one of the fuels that can partially reduce dependence on diesel oil.

The project will continue for a specific period and its evaluation as well as the long-term decisions of the authorities will determine whether full-scale industrial production will become reality. The challenges facing new fuels lie primarily in taking a long-term view, producing sufficiently large quantities of biofuels, and handling distribution via a suitably large number of filling stations.

The field test will give us valuable new insight into the potential of Bio-DME as a future vehicle fuel. The project still requires many tests, larger-scale fuel production and an extended infrastructure. And, perhaps most of all, clear guidelines from the authorities on how they view the fuel,” says Volvo Trucks’ President and CEO, Staffan Jufors.

Radio 1116 SEN teams up with ITTE SHOW

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

mlb-truck-banner59The upcoming ITTE show will have yet another new and exciting attraction for visitors with organisers agreeing to a live broadcast deal with leading sports radio station 1116 SEN. The agreement also sees 1116 SEN become a Platinum show partner, signaling its intent to be a major player in not only 2010 but at future ITTE Shows.

1116 SEN is Melbourne’s only 24/7 sports radio station, something that has seen them move into the No. 2 position on the ratings charts for the category of males aged 25-54. SEN’s affinity with its male listeners should be a perfect fit when considering the male dominated demographic that will be in attendance throughout the duration of the ITTE Show.

“All of the team here at SEN are really looking forward to getting involved in the ITTE Show. We have seen significant growth over the past 3 years and a lot of our success comes on the back of the strong support that we have received from manufacturers and suppliers to the transport industry,” said David Hung, Group Sales Manager for 1116 SEN.
“Many of our strongest and most valued customers will be exhibiting at the ITTE Show. This opportunity presented us with a fantastic platform to show them and the wider transport industry how committed we are to doing whatever we can to spread the word and drive show attendances, making sure that the event is as big and as successful as possible for all involved,” he said.

With Melbourne also being the unofficial ‘sporting capital of the world’ and certainly the home of AFL football, show goers are sure to know and recognise some of the key 1116 SEN personalities that will be on hand at the show throughout the live broadcast. David ‘The Ox’ Schwarz is just one of the personalities that will be keen to get amongst the show’s exhibitors and visitors, ensuring that people heading down to the show know exactly what to expect when they arrive.

1116 SEN will broadcast live from inside of the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) Pavilion for the duration of the show and will also be running a host of activities and competitions for show visitors. Stay tuned for potential opportunities where your company or brand can get involved and receive some on air acknowledgement.

With 1116 SEN now on board and committed to giving the ITTE Show as much airtime as possible, exposure and media coverage will now be at levels never before seen for a show of this kind. Keep your ears tuned into 1116 SEN over the coming months as we build up to the March event and keep your eye out for the tailored and highly competitive advertising packages that will be released exclusively to show exhibitors closer to the event.

For more information on 1116 SEN’s involvement or if you want to exhibit at the show, please contact Sarah on +61 3 9690 7022 or at

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


Under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act 2007, corporations that meet certain thresholds for greenhouse gas emissions and energy production and consumption are required to report to the Greenhouse and Energy Data Officer.

To determine whether your business is liable, see the Trucking Industry Fact Sheet 10 – Obligations under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (available from your ATA member organisation).
Reporting responsibility under the NGER Act 2007 ultimately lies with the corporation that has operational control of facilities where thresholds are triggered.

Operational control lies with the corporation that has greatest authority to introduce and implement operation environmental and OH&S policies (refer section 11 of the NGER Act 2007) and needs to be applied in conjunction with the facility definitions described in Section 9 of the NGER Act 2007 and Division 2.4 of the NGER Regulations 2008.

Where operational control is difficult to determine, or could lie with two or more corporations, a balanced scorecard can be used to help corporations decide which facilities they need to report. The completed document might also form part of a corporation’s reporting methodology and records for audit and compliance purposes.

Industry developed examples will cover most business situations and the outcomes can be applied accordingly, depending on the business situation the parties are involved in.

It is not mandatory for corporations to use the scorecard and its application will require a somewhat subjective assessment and consultation between interested parties. However, applying the scorecard may assist with compliance to the legislation.
The Operational Control Scorecard examples can be downloaded at

Mack Trucks…worlds cleanest concrete mixer

Friday, September 4th, 2009
The Mack

*The New Breed Granite, installed with a Cummins Westport ISL-G gas engine, is the world’s cleanest because it is the only concrete agitator that reduces particulate matter (soot) by 92% and nitrous oxides by 90%, compared with current Australian legislative requirements (US04)1.
In fact, it is the first concrete agitator to meet US EPA 2010 emission levels, not expected to be a requirement in Australia until 2016.

The truck was commissioned by Boral as the next generation of Hippy Trucks powered by natural gas.

Dean Bestwick, General Manager Mack Trucks, said this world-first achievement started out as a desire by Boral to provide the next generation of environmentally friendly gas trucks – thereby establishing a strategic leadership position for both companies.

“Engineered, designed and built in our Australian factory at Wacol, this highly productive heavy-duty concrete agitator, boasts a globally unequalled exhaust emission output. It’s testament to our local innovation and engineering capability,” he said.

Shane Graham, Boral’s General Manager, ACM Concrete, said the truck has just finished a four week trial in Sydney where it matched the carrying capacity of the other vehicles in the fleet and has already proven to be a cost effective transport solution.

“We are committed to a sustainable environmental strategy, and to reducing our reliance on diesel. With five CNG tanks that provide a full day’s operating range, this truck has demonstrated that we can achieve both without compromising our rigorous operational production requirements,” he said.

Vic Transport Assn. major stakeholder ITTE

Friday, September 4th, 2009
VTA CEO Phil Lovel

VTA CEO Phil Lovel

Transport Marketing Australia is delighted to announce that the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) has signed an agreement to become a major stakeholder in the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment show. This is following on from the other recent news that the International Truck Trailer and Equipment Show has agreed to a new multi-year tenancy deal with the Melbourne Showgrounds, extending its current contract for another decade.

These latest developments reinforce the show’s position as the country’s premier truck and trailer show and ensures its long term future at the outstanding Melbourne Showgrounds facility. The VTA now also has a wonderful platform to promote key industry messages and to give some additional exposure to its valued supporters and partners. The announcement also has the support of the Victorian State Government who will have a presence at the upcoming event, along with key industry partners such as the Transport Workers Union (TWU), Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA), ARTSA,National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA) and the Logistics Managers Group.

“The success of the inaugural 2008 show and the feedback that we received from our members and the industry’s people was overwhelmingly positive, hence why we have moved quickly to secure our future involvement,” said VTA Chief Executive Officer, Philip Lovel.

He added, “The International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show is without a doubt the premier truck show in Australia. It is world class and also makes commercial sense as the majority of truck and trailer manufacturers are located right here in Melbourne.”

“Melbourne is the freight capital of Australia
and the full weight and support of the VTA, its supporters and its members will be a driving force behind the success of ITTE Show 2010 and well into the future.”

“You only need to look at how the upcoming March event is shaping up to see that everyone within transport has their full support behind the show and is committed to making it an enormous success.”

The VTA will have a complete pavilion set up to cater to its members and partner organizations and is set to make the March 2010 show an important part of its annual program. The involvement from several government services and departments and the Victorian State Government will also be an important part of the planning process as the VTA will be hosting a series of VIP Industry Luncheons during the show.

Today’s announcement comes as no great surprise considering the VTA’s ongoing commitment to the transport industry, however today’s news coupled with the long term tenancy agreement that has been struck with the Melbourne Showgrounds, now has this event set in stone on the industry’s event calendar.
For more information on the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show, please contact the show organisers on +61 3 9690 7022 or

Hino and Mercedes-Benz join ITTE Show line up

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
Mercedes Benz on display

Mercedes Benz on display

Organisers are proud to announce that Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific (MBAuP) has signed on to return to the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne in March 2010.

Once again Daimler Trucks, Fuso and the Commercial Vehicles aftersales team will be on display under one roof at the Melbourne Showgrounds in the RASV Pavilion.

The aftersales team will focus on service and parts programs and products that MBAuP has developed to help optimise customers’ business operations. Their stand will feature a new range of Alliance-branded products and parts and a full-size cut away of a working V8 Actros engine.

The MBAuP stand won the Best Industry Truck Display at the inaugural ITTE Show in 2008.

CV Sales and Marketing General Manager Vince King said the ITTE Show was an important event for the Australian transport industry and MBAuP was proud to support it.

“The ITTE Show is a professionally-run event and a wonderful showcase for our industry,” he said.

“Being based in Melbourne, the show is also a chance for us to provide extra opportunities and events for our customers, suppliers and partners.”

“Plus after our success in 2008, we’ll be back to defend our ‘Best Industry Truck Display’ title and aim to again leave a lasting impression on show visitors and the industry,” said Vince.
To secure your involvement in the ITTE Show, or for more information please contact Sarah Ellul on +61 (3) 9690 7022 or