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A piece of Australia’s trucking history

Friday, October 30th, 2009

AEC Stock Train advert

AEC Stock Train advert

A 1961 Truck and Bus Transportation advertisement for an AEC stock train. This picture is reproduced with the kind permission of MaxiTrans from ATA ‘s photo archive.


Friday, October 30th, 2009


22 October 2009
Sydney Ports Corporation Chief Executive, Grant Gilfillan, today said he would speak to Ports Minister Joe Tripodi about using regulations to implement landside port reforms if there is not an immediate improvement from stevedores following two weeks of poor performance at Port Botany.

“We will be approaching the Minister to move towards regulation if we don’t see an immediate improvement from the stevedores in the service provided to industry and their cooperation in delivering these reforms,” Mr Gilfillan said.

Mr Gilfillan said delays had affected both terminals over the past two weeks with truck drivers queuing for up to four hours for each trip to the port.
“It is clearly unacceptable to have trucks waiting hours for stevedores to let them into the terminal.” Mr Gilfillan said changes by stevedores to treat Sunday as a normal working day for charging storage came as a surprise given poor stevedoring performance and the lack of consultation.

“While Sydney Ports supports a transition towards 24/7 operations, it appears the stevedores decided upon these charges and have implemented them on a very short timeframe without speaking to anyone in industry,” Mr Gilfillan said.

“To unilaterally decide they are going to change their pricing regime and make Sunday a normal working day without discussing with anyone is completely against the spirit of the Port Botany reform program.
“The rest of the industry has been patient in waiting for the stevedores to pull their socks up and provide reliable service and timely notice of any delays. So far they have failed to provide either.

“The performance of DP World has been comparatively better than Patrick, but delays and servicing issues have been experienced at both stevedore terminals,” Mr Gilfillan said.
Mr Gilfillan said stevedores were also failing to deliver in implementing new reforms to drive better performance at Port Botany. “One of the key objectives of PBLIS is to improve communication and the provision of greater transparency of processes and data between industry partners.

“A communications protocol has been agreed with the stevedores yet updates on recent delays have not been given to industry on a timely basis.
“It is disappointing to see this has become a pattern rather than an exception. The information coming from the stevedores is often inconsistent and late.

“We have been working with the stevedores to introduce the reforms on a voluntary basis. To make sure the work on these important reforms is not delayed we will be speaking with the Government about using regulations to improve performance at our key trading port,” Mr Gilfillan said.
Contact: Peter Zangari 0408 441 010/ 9296 4995

Truckline celebrates new store opening

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Truckline has again underlined its ongoing commitment to its valued client base, recently completing a number of stylish upgrades and refurbishments to the showrooms areas of their highly popular Hallam and Brooklyn branches. The total expenditure on the two projects is in excess of $225,000. In addition to the internal upgrades, the Brooklyn warehouse has been extended by an additional 250 square metres, facilitating for greater inventory levels and increased productivity.Truckline-2-1Truckline Staff Flattened-1The Hallam and Brooklyn stores make up a vital part of the comprehensive Truckline network that is currently made up of 22 stores nationally, taking in all major capital cities.

To celebrate this occasion and to further enhance relationships with key customers, Truckline will be hosting customer evenings at the Hallam store on the 22nd October and in the Brooklyn branch on the 19th November. Both evenings will run from 4.00pm until 7.30pm and will offer customers with a unique opportunity to speak directly with Truckline staff in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. A complimentary BBQ, soft drinks and barista coffee with be served to all invited guests.

In addition to Truckline staff, representatives from market leading brands such as Narva, Hella, Britax, Fuwa, Fleetguard, Meritor, Eaton, Jost, Timken, Castrol, Fuchs, KAB, SP Tools, Chemtech and Karmot will all be in attendance and will be more than happy to discuss technical or product related questions.

Customers attending the evenings can also expect to take advantage of some heavily discounted parts specials, pick up a heap of gifts with purchased items and have the opportunity to win a fantastic V8 racecar experience or $500 worth of Fleetguard filters.

Attendance at these VIP events is strictly by invitation only. Customers wanting to take advantage of this fantastic networking opportunity need to contact the relevant Truckline store to receive your invitation. The Hallam store can be reached on (03) 9702 3344 or alternatively you can call Brooklyn on (03) 9314 0033.

If you would like more information on either of the stores or the client functions please contact Ross Cunningham on 0428 101 422 or at

Truckies radio info

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

UHF Inputs to Repeaters : are Channels 31 to 38 the Outputs are 1 to 8

It makes me laugh how Truckies complain about people interfering with their conversations on Channels 31 to 38 it is about time they were set straight about the Inputs to the Repeaters. So I will start that the Outputs to the Repeaters are 1 to 8 and the Input to those Repeaters are 31 to 38 so therefore the Truckies are actually interfering with the Input to those Repeaters and they are committing a Federal offense so maybe if they all took the time to go to the AMCA web site and look up and understand the use of a CB Radio they may not cause the interference they are !

And as a CB operator and the holder of a Amateur Licence another concern is the use of Channel 35 which is the Input to the Emergency Channel and Truckies repeatably use this Channel at a great risk to the Public in a situation of an emergency that may arise.

ACMA Information can be obtain from the link below:
Use of citizen band radio repeater stations
Under the class licence system, CB radio stations may operate through a CB repeater station in the UHF band.
Because UHF CB repeater stations are usually located at hilltop radiocommunication sites, their frequencies are co-ordinated with the frequencies of other radiocommunications services to prevent interference. They are required to be covered under separate apparatus licences, not a class licence.
When in range of a repeater station, CB operators must only use the repeater’s assigned channels for the purpose of operating through that repeater.
Channels 1 to 8 are designated as repeater output channels, with channels 31 to 38 the corresponding designated repeater input channels. For example, a repeater that transmits on Channel 1 will always receive on Channel 31. When operated in duplex/repeater mode, the CB radio automatically selects corresponding transmit/receive frequencies.
Repeater channels may be used for single frequency communications where they are not used in the locality for repeaters. Channels 5 and 35, however, are dedicated for emergency communications only.

Milly SYD 07 CB Operator : )

Beefy’s the great Aussie “truckies” Pie

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Travelling south on the Bruce Highway, Beefy’s pies are situated at the Glasshouse Mtns,12mins south of the Ettamogah pub on Johnson Rd of the Mobil exit.

Beefy's on the Bruce, Glasshoue Mtns. Qld

Beefy's on the Bruce, Glasshoue Mtns. Qld

Last weekend, on a trip South on the Bruce, truckiesonline visited Beefy’s. There is no problem with parking, there is plenty of it.
The chefs at Beefy’s have real cause to be proud of their pies, pastries and cakes. Their wall of fame, covered with award winning plaques, is testimony to their commitment and ability to produce a “real meat pie with real meat”.

Service and variety +

Service and variety +

And that’s not the end of it. The pastry selection will fill more than a truckies empty stomach. Friendly service, a warm smile from the efficient girls behind the counter, welcome you as soon as you enter.
Beefy’s popularity is no doubt a result of successfully changing the face of how we should enjoy a meat pie in all it’s different varieties. It poses the question as to why is there not more of them around Australia on our busy national highways. If aussie truckies give Beefy’s the thumbs up, then Beefy’s has the potential of being the standard for Australia’s traditional meat pie.

If you think Beefy’s is a bit of alright, let us know at truckiesonline. If you think there is a better meat pie, servicing the Australian Trucking Industry, tell us where it is and why you think your choice is the best.
Following on from that, truckiesonline has decided to launch a national award for the aussie truckies most nominated best meat pie award.

Ron Finemore Transport buys Volvo

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Ron Finnemore Transport buys Volvo Fleet

Ron Finnemore Transport buys Volvo Fleet

Food transport giant Ron Finemore Transport (RFT) has bought 15 Volvo FH520 prime movers to expand their fleet. Thirteen of the Volvos are already on the road, with the last two expected to join the RFT fleet in October.
As one of the main suppliers of logistics to Woolworths supermarkets, RFT needed a prime mover that met exacting standards. The truck had to comply with Euro 5 emissions standards, provide exceptional safety features and have minimal downtime.

RFT run B-Doubles between Melbourne and Sydney, delivering to distribution centres according to a rigid schedule. Absolute efficiency is the key to keeping deliveries on time. Darren O’Connor of the Volvo dealership in Albury said, ‘Ron Finemore Transport explained to us that their deliveries needed to be precise. It’s not just a case of “Turn up some time in the afternoon”, but “Make sure you’re there at exactly 3 o’clock”.

truckiesonline supports beyondblue

truckiesonline supports beyondblue

To provide this kind of efficiency, Volvo knew they needed an end-to-end solution for RFT: the right vehicles for the job, combined with a service contract, supported by an extensive dealer network strategically placed along their main routes. ‘We’ve built up a great relationship with Ron Finemore Transport in recent years’ explained Darren, ‘By really understanding their requirements we were able to offer them a complete package.’

Euro 5 compliance was a basic requirement, but another essential element for RFT was Volvo’s safety features. RFT Managing Director, Laurie Brothers, said ‘The Volvo driver alert system, adaptive cruise, lane change and lane keeping safety features were very important to us and to our customer; the longer the haul, the more important safety becomes.’

A critical role in optimising fleet efficiency is scheduling downtime. To further assist RFT with the whole-of-life offering on the trucks, Volvo designed a service agreement for the fleet utilising VOSP (Volvo Optimised Service Programme). Also included in the RFT agreement was Predictive Maintenance, where at specific intervals in the vehicles life, Volvo proactively replaces components to avoid unexpected breakdowns.
General Manager of Volvo Trucks, Gary Bone, said ‘It’s clear that Ron Finemore Transport and Volvo have much in common. Their objectives of minimal emissions, vehicle safety and reliable operation are all well-known as core Volvo values. We’re extremely pleased that Volvo was able to meet the stringent requirements of one of Australia’s leading transport companies.’

‘These are the first Volvos in our fleet,’ said Laurie, ‘so this order is a testament to Volvo’s excellent design and the commitment of their dealership to supporting our business. They made it clear that they were offering a lot more than just a truck.’