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GPS Navigation for Australia’s Professional Truck Drivers

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Bridge heights, weights, OD routes and hazardous goods routes concern all professional drivers. Complexity of signage, changes to legislation and of course changes out on the road make it harder for trucks to navigate.



ProNav, a leading GPS brand used by professional intercity and cross country long haul drivers throughout Europe and the US, is now the first GPS navigation system specifically designed for truck drivers in Australia. Developed by Navevo, the UK’s leading specialist GPS software developer, and distributed exclusively by long time GPS advocate Travroute, it provides turn-by-turn street navigation for large vehicles including Trucks, RV’s, Trailers, Buses, Vans, & Caravans featuring the latest Navteq Transport data for Australia.

ProNav allows a driver to enter the vehicles’ vital statistics, including weight, axle weight, height, length and width, as well as the load being carried to calculate the best route to ensure drivers are not confronted with roads or obstacles not suitable for the vehicle or goods.

The easy to use interface of ProNav’s GPS devices, feature a 5″ wide touchscreen, Bluetooth hands free calling and an FM transmitter so that you can hear the navigation instructions via your in-dash vehicle radio, which ideal in a truck environment. The system also includes text to speech, providing clear voice instructions including road names. They also provide an audible and visual warning of fixed safety cameras and provides easy to read icons on the mapping to clearly see which obstacles are being avoided along the truck route. Also includes a Navteq map and transport data upgrade in the first year, ensuring that drivers are always up to date and not worrying about changing maps and transport data.

With safety features that are second to none, ProNav will guide you on your way, ensuring a safe and smooth journey. Safety features include; potential hazard warnings; including steep hills, crosswinds, risk of grounding, and sharp bends, dynamic navigation based on vehicles dimensions and safety camera alerts. Other brands of GPS are simply not designed for professional drivers. ProNav is your only choice for GPS.

Travroute is the exclusive distributor of ProNav GPS products in Australia. ProNav’s PNN-300 GPS model will be available in-store from selected retailers from November 2009, with a srrp of $799.

For more information please go to or call 1300 586 709

Isuzu helps stretch long arm of the law

Monday, December 7th, 2009

THE NSW Police force’s Traffic Technology Section (TTS) is to protect citizens from drivers under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances.

NSW Police Random Drug Testing Unit

NSW Police Random Drug Testing Unit

The TTS is a special unit within the NSW Police force (NSWPol) and uses trained specialists to support local and state wide operations targeting events, holiday periods and special operations and also assists local area police commanders with drug and alcohol testing equipment for regional areas.

To help in their state wide role, NSWPol’s TTS has taken delivery of two Isuzu NPR 400 Long Premium trucks.
They are both fitted with Winnebago bodies and a myriad of electronic equipment to aid in breath analysis, drug testing and communications.

“We have a total of eight trucks in the TTS fleet for drug and alcohol testing and the two Isuzu NPR 400s were considered the appropriate medium sized truck for operating in metropolitan areas, as we needed the manoeuvrability to navigate city streets,” NSW Police Force TTS’s Senior Sergeant Mark Stevens said. “We have had the Isuzu NPR 400s since January 2008 and have never had any issues with the trucks which operate on cycles ranging from 24 hours to nine days.

Isuzu’s SiTEC Series II 155 engine coupled with the automated manual transmissions (AMT) has also given the trucks added user friendliness along with drivability.

“One of the noticeable features in the Isuzu NPR 400 is its six-speed AMT,” Snr. Sgt. Stevens said. “It makes driving in heavy traffic easier, enhancing driver comfort as well as enabling the driver to concentrate on the road, reducing driver fatigue and improving safety. Combined with the power that the SiTEC Series II 155 engines offer, the Isuzu truck overall is a comfortable and easy truck to operate, which met the requirements of the TSS, as the truck is driven by over 20 different staff.”

VW’s New Amarok 1 tonne Ute

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

AMAROK, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles much heralded entry into the ute market will be launched in South Amercia next year.

vw ute

vw ute

It is the first one-tonne class ute to be developed in Germany but it will be built at VW’s Pacheco plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Amarok will be released first as a four door dual cab before a single cab version is released in the first half of 2011.

It will be powered by a choice of two turbo diesel four cylinder high-tech engines. The initial offering will be a 120Kw two-litre engine developing 400Nm at 1500rpm and by mid 2010 a 90Kw engine developing 340Nm at 2000 rpm will be available.

Both will be matched to six-speed manual gearboxes. The Amorak will be offered with three drive options: full-time all-wheel drive; switchable all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.
In the basic version, the Amarok will have rear-wheel drive. It will also be available in three levels of equipment and accessories with the basic Amarok; the Amarok Trendline and the top of the range Amarok Highline.

All models across the range will be packed with safety features such as airbags, ABS, ASR and electronic differential lock plus off road ABS, hill descent and hill hold assist if the optional ESP package is fitted.
The Australian launch is not expected until late 2010.

Narva…Putting Light on the Plate

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Narva’s new Model 8 LED licence plate lamps have been stylishly designed to complement modern motor vehicle elements.

NARVA LED license plate lights

NARVA LED license plate lights

They also incorporate the latest advances in automotive lighting technology.
The compact new 10 to 30 volt, multi-voltage lamps feature a stylish base and sculptured cover which snap-together, making installation quick and easy.

The new Model 8 lamps are available in three modern colour variations; charcoal/black, chrome/black and all white.
Each lamp has a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens.
The new lamps are ADR approved and come with Narva’s five year LED warranty.

Road Runners kept it moving in Tassie

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

WITH a fleet of 85 vehicles and with depots in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport, transport company Road Runners represents a number of large mainland companies who choose not to have their own infrastructure in Tasmania.

Road Runners run a fleet of 16 Isuzu's

Road Runners run a fleet of 16 Isuzu's

Road Runners delivers and picks up interstate and international freight on behalf of these companies and also services its own client base within the state.
It employs 120 people and delivers around 20,000 consignments a week.
To provide services to such a large and diverse range of customers, Road Runners must be able to provide a reliable and punctual service.

According to Road Runners’ managing director David Bean, their 16 Isuzu trucks have been important tools in building and maintaining their excellent reputation.
“We chose Isuzu trucks because they are a proven product,” he said.
“We have found Isuzu makes the most reliable, cost effective vehicles, with impressive whole-of-life costing.

“Our oldest Isuzu truck is a 1997 FVM 1400 and it’s still going very well.
“It only does local Hobart delivery work now because of its age, but for many years it travelled up and down the highway and we had no major problems with it. “Our fleet travels about three and a half million kilometres a year which means servicing and maintenance costs of our fleet become very relevant, as do the vehicles’ comfort features and reliability.
David Bean, who has owned and operated Road Runners for 22 years, decided to take out service agreements for several of their Isuzu trucks.
“We took out Sapphire On Road Service Agreements for six of our Isuzus; four NPR 300s, an NQR 450 and an FSR 700 at the time of their purchase.
“From a financial point of view and a convenience point of view, it’s fantastic.
The Sapphire agreement includes scheduled maintenance and replacement of consumable parts such as globes, belts and hoses, brakes, clutches, uni-joints and suspension components. When we decided on the service agreements, it was a new service offering,” David Bean said. Isuzu had just introduced it and they were flexible in structuring the package to our requirements.
“Now that our vehicles are a few years old and have quite a few kilometres on them, naturally more maintenance work is required. It’s now that we are really starting to see the benefits of the service agreements.

“The whole purpose of the Sapphire On Road Service Agreement is that it provides scheduled servicing and replacement of parts for a fixed monthly cost for the life of the vehicle. We don’t have to allow for large, unexpected maintenance and repair bills, so it is great for budgeting and assisting in cash flow. It’s very convenient and comforting to be able to book the trucks in for a service and know that it’s always going to be done according to factory specifications by Isuzu-trained mechanics.

“When we eventually trade the trucks in or sell them, the fact that they have been serviced their entire lives by Isuzu mechanics using genuine Isuzu parts will add to their resale value,” David Bean said.

Volvo Truck’s I-Shift Transmission

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Never before has a transmission received such a positive response from drivers and transport companies all over the world. Today 60 per cent of all Volvo FH trucks are sold with I-Shift and it is standard in the world’s most powerful series production truck, the Volvo FH16 700 hp.Volvo I-Shift TransmissionThe I-Shift’s predecessor, Geartronic, was not an optimised solution and an automatic transmission was needed to enhance driver comfort and driving ease. At the same time, the development of electronic systems really took off at the end of the 1990s. More and more of these improved systems were used to control both the engine and the rest of the truck and this created new opportunities to develop an electronically controlled transmission.

Gearchanging can be done manually or automatically. “Performance” mode gives maximum power and best drivability in automatic, while “Economy” mode gives priority to low fuel consumption. In manual operation, gearchanging is done with a button on the gear lever.

The updated I-Shift transmission gives improved functionality on soft grounds, found in construction and timber segments, via the P+ performance mood that optimize gear shifting for these applications.

Faster declutching. Makes it easier for the driver to rock the truck out of difficulty if it gets bogged down.