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TruckWeek 2010 – ready to kick off

Friday, February 19th, 2010
TruckWeek Australia Feb 21-27

TruckWeek Australia Feb 21-27

Preparations are being putting in place around Australia as the trucking industry gets ready to celebrate TruckWeek 2010 from Sunday 21 to Saturday 27 February.
The week brings all sectors of the industry together to inform the community and politicians about the importance of the trucking industry, the issues the industry will face in the coming years, how to drive safely around trucks, and the great careers that are now available in trucking.

Across Australia, trucking companies, both large and small, have organised events as diverse as inviting local politicians to participate in on-road trials, to organising a stall at the local market day to promote sharing the road safely with trucks.

In Canberra, the ATA has organised a parliamentary delegation program, inviting politicians to meet with industry leaders to discuss the key issues facing the industry.

In Sydney, ATA NSW will welcome Members of the NSW Parliament and the Sydney Ports CEO, Grant Gilfillan, to a series of barbecue breakfasts at the port with local truck drivers, while in Melbourne the VTA will give local politicians the chance to see the latest developments in truck safety in conjunction with Linfox.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, Simon National Carriers will open their doors to local and state politicians to explain how technology can be used to make the roads safer for all road users.

It’s not just in the capital cities where events are being held. Dozens of small operators have taken the time to introduce the trucking industry to the wider community, such as in Leongatha, Victoria, where Ryan’s Transport will take The Nationals’ state leader Peter Ryan for a drive, or in Newcastle, where Daracon has invited its local state member of parliament for a tour.

TruckWeek 2010 is a great opportunity for our industry to showcase today’s trucking industry and where we are heading” To check out the full range of TruckWeek events, go to

Truckie Young Gun Measures Up

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
All About Removals covering Australia

All About Removals covering Australia

The future of the Australian trucking industry is in safe hands with new talent entering the industry.

Michael York at 20 years of age has had 2 years experience in the industry and has accomplished many goals that many truckies only dream of. When he was 19 yoa, he purchased a removal business 13 year old “All About Removals” and turned it into a roaring success.

Truckie young gun..Michael York

Truckie young gun..Michael York

His family owned business moves household and business furniture around Australia weekly, while his Flex Removals business covers the local Brisbane area daily.

Truckiesonline caught up with Michael as he was heading for Sydney with a full load and then back loading to Brisbane. Young brother, Tim, as his offsider, had earlier prepared their meals for the trip south.

The Nissan UD, with 409,000+ klms on the clock, is the truck of his choice, along with an Isuzu NPR 200 as a feeder truck.

Michael graduated from QUT with a degree in business and entered the trucking industry with a real commitment to the industry and a passion for future growth and success.

The Australian trucking industry needs enthusiastic owner drivers like Michael York….he’s a truckie young gun on the move.

If you need a reliable removalist, contact Michael on
1300 389 599 or visit his website

Slim Dusty Foundation Wants Aussie Truckies

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The Slim Dusty Foundation, invites Aussie truckies to be part of the Slim Dusty Centre, Kempsey, NSW. Here is an opportunity for Aussie truckies, to participate in a unique project.

Slim Dusty

Slim Dusty

As a traveller around Australia for some 40 years, Slim shared a bond with Australian truckies and wrote many truckie’s songs. It’s important we share this story with the new Slim Dusty Museum to be built in Kempsey opening the end of 2010.Slim Dusty Foundation Wants Aussie TruckiesTruckies are wanted to star in tribute to Slim Dusty:
Wanted, one male truckie and one female truckie, to be interviewed by a professional oral historian who works with the National Library of Australia, with the end result that we create a short film using voice over, film footage ‘on the road’ and Slim’s songs, to be shown in the museum.
The oral histories will eventually be stored in the NLA.

If you are a truckie and like listening to Slim Dusty’s songs, here’s your chance to be part of Australian history and be part of the Truckies Tribute Programme and donate a Truckie Paver.


Truckiesonline supports the Slim Dusty Foundation

Aussie Truckies Are Adaptable

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Truckies can do anything.

Truckies can do anything!

Truckies can do anything!

After a hard days work in a Big Rig there’s nothing like it to settle your nerves!

New Queensland Zero Tolerance Speed Camera

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
A new Queensland Police Camera?

A new Queensland Police Camera?

With the Queensland road toll continuing to increase, it has been decided to introduce Zero Tolerance Speed Cameras on all major highways in 2010.

The new cameras look a bit different than normal speed surveillance cameras and the above photo shows you what you will need to look out for when travelling around the great state of Queensland.

Just make sure you do not speed when approaching one as these new devices offer no warnings or second chances.

There is no truth to the rumour that Qld Police are having these devices fitted to their highway patrol high speed pursuit vehicles………
Happy trucking!