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Volvo Concept Truck 2020

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Volvo sees the future of long distance trucking as longer trucks, controlled by autopilot, and driven non-stop in nose-to-tail convoys on green super-motorways.

Some of the highlights of the Volvo Concept 2020 project includes:

•the linking of vehicles together wirelessly into long trains that travel at 90 km/h, allowing drivers to take rest breaks behind the wheel

•the use of green corridors which separate trucks from other traffic, driving in their own lanes, like a railway but without rails

•a new dashboard in the cab with a thin film panel on which information is tailored to suit the driver. The panel is operated like a touchpad, just like an iPhone

•a new drivers’ seat, which has a thin, ventilated mesh backrest, more like a modern office chair than a traditional driver’s seat. Behind the driver is a futon sofa which folds out into a wide, comfortable bed in the evening

•a sleek look for the exterior, reducing the perception of the vehicle’s size. The LED headlamps and turn indicators are integrated into the front of the vehicle. The rear-view mirrors have been replaced by cameras that project their images onto the inside of the windscreen

•the lower section of the front of the vehicle features integrated collision protection projecting forwards about half a metre