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Internet News Media Site Opens In Brisbane

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Brisbane is “media starved” when it comes to real local community news events being published on the internet as they happen.

Ok, you can have TV News, radio news services, your daily newspapers, your free weekly newspapers but nothing like the instantaneous local news you get from News In Brisbane.

The brainchild of (2) local Brisbane guys have put this site together to inform local Brisbane people about local community issues, sport, Brisbane real estate, featured local Brisbane businesses, Brisbane entertainment and education. is unique in the Brisbane marketplace and is a vehicle for our community and businesses.

Brisbane Internet News Media, focused on local community issues, brings people together all day every day.

Click here and have a look at News In Brisbane

Fleet Advantage Cards Save You Money

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Fleet Advantage Cards can save you money

The Fleet Advantage card stands alone in the credit card fuel market and is the Australian Truckies fuel card of choice in what can be a confusing marketplace.
With so many different fuel and diesel card offerings in the marketplace, it is often hard to compare apples with apples. Some cards offer discounts on fuel, some offer the convenience of acceptance across multiple brands and sites and some more favourable credit and trading terms. One thing that all these products have in common however, are the monthly card fees and costs. Depending on which card you choose, these fees can ultimately determine whether you are really saving money at all!

Disguised as transaction fees or monthly admin charges, either way, it comes out of your pocket. Let’s assume you have a fleet of 40 vehicles and your current card costs are $3 per card per month, it will cost your business $1440 per year to have this convenience. However if the same fleet had the Fleet Advantage fuel card, which has an administration card cost of only 0.99 cents per card per month, then your total cost per year would be just $475.20 – a massive saving of $964.80 per year.

The difference with Fleet Advantage is that it has negotiated a buying group price arrangement for businesses both big and small. Whether you are a transport fleet hauling freight, a courier driver running about town, a tradesman getting the job done or you own one or a fleet of taxis, Fleet Advantage understands how hard it is negotiate with the major fuel companies and has done all the hard work for you.

Fleet Advantage customers will not only get the lower admin fees but can also take advantage of the pre-negotiated discounts of 4.4 cents per litre off Diesel and Unleaded and 15 cents per litre off LPG. All discounts are calculated off the daily Shell card posted price and are available at all Shell/Coles sites nationally.

Fleet Advantage…finally a fuel card that gives you the “Advantage!”

To find out more about Fleet Advantage or to apply for a Fleet Advantage Fuel Card, visit

Kenworth Trucks 2011 Model Range

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

It’s almost 40 years since the first Australian Kenworth truck rolled off the Melbourne production line on the second of March, 1971 – a defining moment for Kenworth and the future of the Australian road transport industry.

Kenworth T609

Four decades on, Kenworth is still leading the way; defining tomorrow – as only Kenworth can – with the launch of the exciting new 2011 range.

Driven by a continuous innovation and product development process , and also by customer and driver feedback, Kenworth has redesigned the entire model line up, starting with the T359 to the T609 and flagship K200.
Each model is packed with new features and benefits. In line with forthcoming regulatory changes on engine emissions from January 1st 2011, the new range also fully complies with ADR 80/03, following a major project to integrate and optimise solutions for Australian customers and applications.

“The 2011 Kenworth range proves yet again Kenworth’s ability to develop and deliver trucks that best fit Australian applications, meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers with versatile, reliable and most of all productive solutions,” said Andrew Hadjikakou, Director Sales and Marketing for PACCAR Australia.