National Transport Shutdown July 2008

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On the 28/07/2008 all modes of road transport will cease to offer any freight services until the Government meets the demands from the forums held around the country.

This shutdown is designed to have ‘Minimum impact on the community with Maximum effect on Government’.

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3 Responses to “National Transport Shutdown July 2008”

  1. Earth. W Says:

    This strike will affect my family however, truckies have allowed themselves to be pushed around by big business and politicians for far too long. When I was involved in major party politics, I pushed the need to look after our truckies, only to be told, “that’s not where the money comes from.”

    Well, truckies might not be donating loads of money to the political parties but they sure are helping with stocking the food shelves.

  2. J Duffy Says:

    Yes i will be parking up , and i agree with this stoppage as long as it is done as first indercated that we park our trucks up and stay at home.this was the original plan decieded at the BP Archerfield in Brisbane QLD,I feel this is the only way to carry out this stoppage I feel there NO blockades off any fuel depots No convoys as doing these things would only put the public and police offside which we don’t want to happen also the media would have a field day by these actions which would only work against us .

    Thank you John Duffy

  3. Dean Owens Says:

    We support you!

    The drivers over here in the States support you! We are experiencing the same issues at a lesser degree.

    Not Violence though! We pray all goes well for you and the issues are resolved!