Truckies smashed by bookings and fines spree

What the hell is going on with the spate of some unrealistic bookings and fines police are sourcing from our truckies? Road safety is an issue we all accept, after all, the roads and highways are our workplace, but some of this recent stuff is ridiculous.

We’re all doing it tough at the moment and can do without some of this rubbish to contend with. If floods and bushfires are not enough to contend with nationally, truckies are being hit with big fines and bookings from police. Recently one truckie was booked for being 5mm over length. Another truckie was hit with a $600 fine and loss of 3 points for not entering a change of activity in his log book after parking and before he went to sleep. Yet another $600 fine and loss of 3 points went to another truckie for not logging a change of activity when he stopped to check his chains and go to the toilet. But wait there is even more, fines for 30cms over length on a body truck, and another truckie was booked by police after driving from Mackay to Brisbane in 10 hours even though we know it is a 10 hour run with no slow traffic to contend with. If you know of any other over the top fines, let us know by clicking on the comments at the end of this article (the comments link).

Are GPS units a legal unit of measurement for prosecution? Police seem to think they are…so watch out truckies….it’s all happening out there!!!

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4 Responses to “Truckies smashed by bookings and fines spree”

  1. Warwick Says:

    A change of activity is only to be loged if it is 15 mins or more as per the act (TOA).
    GPS units can only be taken or read for evidence with a warrant stating,the name of the person,vehicle rego,reason for search,a warrant will only be issued if there is reasonable cause to believe,a crime has been commited,is being committed or about to be committed,search with out a warrant is allowed but must be authorised by an Inspector of Police,it is also risky if it is just a rumble and the person being searched takes action.
    Truck drivers need to know the rules and make the authorities abide by them,there is no such thing as a general search warrant beware of police BS.

  2. john Says:

    well Warwick thats all good to say and hear all your comments, but in the end who do we believe ? Is your information from a good reliable source. do we have reference to check these comments. Not having a go at you, we just want to stick it to the police to show that we to can bloody well read.
    All to often I hear Drivers quoting this and that and that turns out BS aswell. Lets get the legislation from the horses mouth perhaps thats a good idea ! starting a handbook series with the reference (the comments) was sourced from. I’d love to wave that thing in front of those cops and yeh our bosses.
    Cheers two-stax john

  3. Ray Says:

    Warwick and John both make valid points here. What do other truckies or authorities think? This issue not only needs addressing, but some resolution should be considered to get rid of the uncertain grey areas that exist.If nothing is done…it will continue to be a problem.

  4. Warwick Says:

    Firstly mate I don’t advocate sticking it to cops,I do however believe that every one should be made aware of their rights and that leglisation sets out how Gov servants must administer the law.The main laws that apply to us are the Transport Operations Act and the Police Powers Act,the trouble when you read these acts is that they work together and one act may refer to another as to what may or may not be done eg the TOA has ties with the Dangerous Goods Act.Anyway you ask where this infortmation comes from so here it is: Suggested reading is Transport operations Act,Police Powers Act,Criminal Code and for good measure the Police Code of Conduct which they are required to abide by under leglisation (thats why I always tape converstaions with enforcement officers),the Criminal Code also sets out the powers of search and warrant requirements as does theTOA and the Police Powers Act,there are others but that is for the solicitors to work out in court,my experience is that most of the police are working on the Police Powers Act. I hope you can print out some parts of these acts that may help you,what is really require is a solicitor to instruct drivers of there rights.While on the subject I have looked in all the Acts but can’t find where they state you can lose points for log book offences in Qld perhaps some one can help.