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Perth salvage and recycling company

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

The new UD GW 400 is getting the job done for Vinsan

One of Perth’s biggest demolition and salvage companies has purchased a new UD GW 400 in a bid to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of its transport fleet.

Vinsan Demolition and Salvage operates a fleet of six, mainly US built trucks, carting demolition material from sites all over Perth, back to base for recycling and re-use.

The new UD joined the Vinsan fleet in September 2009, after proprietor Vince di Angelo decided he needed a less expensive alternative to the US trucks he was using up to that point.

“The most significant factor was the value for money, the UD was $40,000 to $50,000 less expensive than the conventional US built truck, and the cab over design means we have a more manoeuvrable vehicle for operations in and around Perth,” said Vince.

“I really couldn’t justify the extra expense for the work we do, and our decision to buy the UD has been more than justified with the performance of the truck so far, it has worked extremely well.

“Our UD has clocked up almost 30,000 kilometres to date and has proved not only easier to drive around town, but it is also more reliable and economical than the other trucks.

“The intention was always to buy the UD as a trial to see how it went, and if it worked we would possibly look to buy more, and to move the fleet across to UD.

“Certainly the early indicators are that we are on a winner, and I am sure there will be more UDs to follow this one.

“The drivers really like them, it was hard to convince them that a Japanese truck would match up, but once they have driven it and realise how easy and comfortable it is to drive, they are pretty quickly convinced.

“The SCR system works well and we have had no problems with the AdBlue, it is just another part of operating the truck efficiently.” Vinsan uses the GW 400 with a new side tipper trailer carting rubble from demolition sites to landfill, as well as taking recycled materials to the company’s various operations around Perth.

“We transport building salvage to our operation in Bayswater, concrete to our Welshpool crushing and re-use operation, and green waste for recycling at Henderson,” said Vince.

The building boom in Perth has added to the work load for the UD, with Vinsan managing the demolition of an entire suburb over the past year. “The company won the contract to demolish 300 houses in the suburb of Wattleup where the government land commission was re-developing the area, it was a big job but that sort of work is our specialty,” said Vince.

Vinsan was founded more than 25 years ago by Vince and his brother Santo, and grew out of the demolition business founded by their father. “I started work with Dad when I was 14 and he passed away when I was 19, so Santo and I formed Vinsan and we built the company from there.”

Today Vinsan employs approximately 30 staff, although this swells to more than 50 at peak times when major demolition projects are underway.

Along with a fleet of trucks, the company also runs it own excavators and front end loaders to facilitate major operations all around the western capital.

The UD GW 400 is powered by a 13-litre six cylinder, turbocharged and intercooler overhead cam four valve in line six cylinder diesel, with the unit mated to a 13 speed Eaton RoadRanger manual transmission.