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Monday, March 9th, 2009

Word has it that 300million$$$$ put aside by governments to improve or ad extra rest stops for truckies is no longer available. Is this just another excuse because of the “global financial crisis” or cost cutting before the spate of oncoming state/federal elections?

Truckie safety is a commitment every government fails to address. Truckies need these rest areas to meet the safety criteria imposed by governments, but fail to supply the facilities required. There is a lot of law abiding truckies who continually scratch there heads in wonderment as to when critical issues like truckies rest stops are resolved, instead of using truckies as a political platform.

If this current info TRUCKIESONLINE has is correct…….truckies should collectively respond. Truckie safety should be not an issue, it is the responsibility everyone in the trucking industry to address and make trucking in Australia safe.