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Allison Transmission’s powershifting Twin Countershaft gearbox

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Improved Fuel Efficiency for prime movers across the entire drive cycle

Pioneering 10-speed fully automatic transmission incorporates Allison’s torque converter and twin countershaft design to provide both optimised acceleration and higher fuel economy across a range of duty cycles.

Indianapolis, Indiana – Allison Transmission has unveiled a new and unique fully automatic transmission for prime movers at the 2011 Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The highly innovative Allison gearbox, set to debut in North America in late 2012, has been designed specifically to maximise productivity and fuel efficiency during both cruising and stop-start operation.

As the first powershifting, twin countershaft design for commercial vehicles, the transmission incorporates Allison’s proven torque converter technology to deliver uninterrupted power to the wheels.

This functionality delivers productivity and fuel efficiency to stop-and-go portions of a route, while the 10-speed countershaft architecture offers superior fuel economy during cruising on highways.

Coupled with the smooth shifting and ease of operation benefits offered by a fully-automatic, this new technology provides OEMs and operators with a competitive and fuel efficient alternative to automated manual gearboxes.

“Initial in-vehicle tests have shown worthwhile gains in fuel economy, and we achieved increases in vehicle miles-per-workday,” says Lou Gilbert, Allison Transmission’s Director of North American Market Development.

“Our rigorous testing has also shown this new transmission offers better fuel economy than an automated manual in the targeted duty cycle markets for which it was developed.”

Continuing Allison’s commitment to offer excellent fuel efficiency, the new transmission will also incorporate a range of intelligent features including Load Based Shift Schedules (LBSS), Reduced Engine Load at Stop (RELS) and more. Tuned to the vehicle powertrain, these features deliver an optimum blend of performance and economy specific to application, customer need and duty cycle.

The new development also draws on Allison’s extensive experience to build durable transmissions that minimise whole of life costs, including the torque converter that cushions and protects the entire drivetrain, as well as service features such as prognostics that allow operators to quickly monitor oil and filter life.

At the Mid-America Truck Show, Allison demonstrated a Peterbilt prime mover incorporating the new transmission for potential customers to drive and evaluate.

“Once you combine exceptional fuel economy and miles-per-day with Allison quality, reliability and durability, you’ve got a transmission that will redefine tractor performance and operating efficiencies,” concludes Lou Gilbert.

Allison powering massive road trains

Thursday, October 21st, 2010


Gulf Transport and Powertrans use Allison transmissions to help provide more efficient ore transport for Fortescue Metals in Australia’s rugged Pilbara.

CLOUDBREAK MINE-PILBARA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA:Â Specialist Australian heavy vehicle manufacturer, Powertrans has had success using Allison automatic transmissions in developing some of the world’s biggest road trains to enable Gulf Transport to fulfil a demanding ore transport contract at one of the biggest iron ore mines located in the booming Pilbara region of North Western Australia.

The Powertrans ‘powered’ road trains feature a specially designed and built heavy-duty prime mover or tractor unit and up to six trailers with as many as two of the trailers equipped with an identical engine and an Allison transmission as the prime mover.
These massive road trains have been hauling more than 500 tonnes of iron ore at a time over a 52 kilometre haul road between the Fortescue Christmas Creek operation and the company’s Cloudbreak mine and loading facility. In its largest configuration with two powered trailers, four passive trailers and a full load of iron ore, the giant rig, including the prime mover, tips the scales at more than 750 tonnes.

These vehicles have been doing this work reliably and safely in temperatures often exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, largely due to the ability of Allison’s M6610 six-speed automatic to handle the power and torque from the 760 horsepower Cummins QSK19 electronically managed 19-litre turbo diesel engines.