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Another strange day Down Under

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Mack tow truck

Mack tow truck

Our federal parliament is hotly debating the introduction of an “emissions trading scheme” (ETS) in a huge rush of indecent haste as our extraordinarily egotistical, yet very bland and seemingly failing prime minister endeavours to push it through our parliament before the Copenhagen climate change conference next month simply, apparently, so he can get up on the world stage and say “look what I’ve done………I’m first ! “

One of the minor parties in our federal parliament is the apparently environmentally concerned, and aptly named, Greens.
Their leader came out today (Tues Nov 24) to comment on the ETS debate and stated that “Today is a very dark day for the green future of our country”.
His name is Dr BROWN……..

Mean while out at Bedourie (which is something like 1600km west of Brisbane; nearly 200km north of Birdsville; and just about 500km south of Mount Isa) where they would normally be baking in close to 40C heat at this time of year, they have been experiencing rain and a decided cool change with the overnight temperature reaching just 17C on Sunday night (Nov 22) and on daytime Monday (Nov 23) reaching just 18C !
Back in Brisbane a bloke emailed the Qld Premier’s office in recent days complaining about a piece of legislation and signed it off with the phrase “The baseball bats are out” !

That phrase is about the equivalent of the old phrase, “the gloves are off” !
His intended meaning was that at the next election, he’d take his vote elsewhere.
For exercising his democratic right to express his opinion (ie exercising his right to freedom of speech), he got a visit from a detective from the Qld Police Service.
Seems like the heat is getting to everyone and summer isn’t even here yet…..