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Monday, March 16th, 2009

Jamie Hooker, now a novelist, still an Aussie truckie (currently looking for truckie work), spoke to about the release of his first book about the life and times of an Australian truckie.

SNOWBALL AT THE CUTTA will make you laugh, perhaps cry a little, and make you feel like going for a beer or two. A West Oz truckie who has done the hard yards from Perth/Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney/Bris….you know the track across the NULL INVOID. Always thinking of humorous things and events while on the long haul, Jamie Hooker decided to write this novel about his adventures, and what a great truckie novel it is.

It just shows you the Aussie truckie is more than that… they say Australia stops without truckies. Renegade truckies gotta get the freight across the NULL INVOID PLAIN to the other side of Strayia…. but not all of them will make it. You’ll get to know Givva, Dogbox, U-Buet and Bad Co….. take a ride with them…’s a damn good read worthwhile reading. Jamie sells the book online…go to links on right hand side of page….have a look at the website… on centre screen….. good reading and congratulations Jamie… would make a great movie.