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Friday, April 24th, 2009

Everyday you will hear “buffoons” on channel 40…particularly at peak hour traffic time when the professional truckies need to have optimum concentration on the road. It is nothing but childish and irresponsible of these “buffoons” who should be hung out to dry.

Poor attempts at animal impersonations over channel 40, do little to help the plight of professional truckies. While channel 40 is a dedicated truckie channel, why not open up a “buffoon channel” so the “buffoons” can clown around with each other and leave the pros do their jobs.

Channel 40 Brisbane… Donny in the morning

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Most truckies in Brisbane wake up to “Donny” in the morning. This guy does a brilliant job in updating the latest info on Brisbane traffic, the whereabouts of the latest speed camera locations, and just general “have a good day” talk with Brissy truckies.

There is no need to listen to Brisbane commercial radio, you’ve got it all here with “Donny”.He is one of those great Australian characters.
Donny, as one of our “truckie characters”, salutes you. You are our first entry into the “truckiesonline hall of fame”.
How about a “pic” Donny, so truckiesonline can publish it.

Is there similar guys in other capital cities in Australia who do a similar morning radio show on channel 40…just like Donny?