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Twin cam takes on new meaning

Friday, November 27th, 2009

THE twin cam engine was invented by Englishman Ernest Henry in 1912 while he was working for Peugeot in France.

Twin cam-el

Twin cam-el

A twin cam motor operates more efficiently and more smoothly than a single cam engine and provides improved performance and better fuel consumption.
Twin cam engines have two camshafts to each bank of cylinders and basically the twin camshafts act in harmony with one camshaft responsible for the intake valves and the other responsible for the exhaust valves.

Once known as the double overhead camshaft (dohc) engine, they are now more generally known as multi-valve engines.
Common as twin cam engines are, it is evident that the real meaning of the term “twin cam” got lost somewhere in the translation as this photo of (coincidentally) a Peugeot ute with twin cams (two camels) in the rear, suggests.