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UD’S 20 Year long haul for Rays Loggistics

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Pic: Ray with his latest UD acquisition

After 20 years of continual UD Truck ownership, Rays Logistics’ catch phrase of “You Call, We Haul” continues to ring true today, as business is booming for the Western Sydney crane truck specialists.
From humble beginnings with a one-ton ute performing local courier work, the husband and wife team of Ray and Roslyn Sariful have grown their business to include five semi trailers and 12 rigids, working a rigorous seven day a week schedule. Rays Logistics has grown hand in hand with Glendenning based Wire Industries, which specialise in the manufacture of various wire and mesh products.

The company however made their start in the steel transport industry by being a sub-contractor for Smorgon Steel, which proved to be hard work prior to the introduction of crane trucks to the fleet. “I got an opportunity with Smorgon Steel, and along with that I got an eight ton UD,” Ray Sariful said. “After subbing for Smorgon’s for four or five years, I bought my first UD with a crane.

“Prior to that, all of the unloading was done by hand, and that was tough work, it’s hard to imagine doing that these days! “Now we’ve been with Wire Industries for 13 years, we started with three trucks, since then the fleet has grown to match the growth in their business.”

As a pioneer in crane trucks, demand for Ray’s services proved high, with Ray’s tray and crane configurations providing an ideal match to client’s needs. The company’s fleet now consists of five prime movers (including four new UD GW470s), six rigids (including two new UD PK10s) and six specialised three-quarter cab rigds.

Although the bulk of their work is in an around Sydney, the prime movers often make longer interstate trips. “I’ve had a good hard look at the competition, and they don’t even come close,” Ray said. “UD’s are built tough, but at the same time you can drive them with your finger tips.
“Between services we never even bother checking the oil, we never top the oil up, we just don’t have to do it. “You just know that between scheduled services that there won’t be any problems. “Everything that goes onto the trucks (parts wise) is genuine, you just can’t go wrong.

“We service the trucks here onsite with parts from UD in at Chullora, because we can’t afford to have them off the road at all. “We service the trucks every 10,000 kilometres, and you can feel the difference in the trucks if you are using genuine and non-genuine parts”

The six UD three-quarter cab units take pride of place in Ray’s fleet, allowing the company to haul steel up to 12 metres in length, three metres longer than on a traditional flatbed. Ray prefers to use rear mounted Palfinger Cranes due to the ease of operation, safety and weight distribution considerations.

“We got our first three-quarter cab in 2003 and haven’t looked back,” Ray said. “It’s really important, because around metro areas, the three-quarter cabs can get to a lot of places you can’t take a semi-trailer. “We have to drop off in a lot of residential areas, so it’s very important.

“Our oldest three-quarter cab has had no major work done to it in the seven years we have had it, it just keeps going and going. “The fantastic thing about the three-quarter cabs is that even after seven years of use, they are still bulletproof, and have a top resale value.

“We have some new ones being built at the moment to replace some of the older trucks in the fleet, it takes three to six months to get a three-quarter cab built up.”
A feature on the new-generation trucks is UD’s SCR emission system, which Ray believes that even in the early stages of a truck’s life provide discernible savings in fuel use.

“The new GW is a massive improvement; it’s basically a big step up over the previous models,” Ray said. “Recently we’ve made a couple of interstate trips, and you can see a fair bit of difference in the fuel economy stakes, even running a fairly high GVM.

“The new GW prime mover is great on fuel, I think the AdBlue system makes a big difference compared to the older model trucks. “It’s easy to top up the AdBlue, and there are definite advantages to using it; the savings on fuel make up the difference to the cost of the AdBlue.”

Apart from the usual rounds transporting steel products, Rays Logistics also carry general freight, pellets and scaffolding. Expansion plans for the future of the business include an imminent move into a new holding yard, which is located only a few hundred metres from the Wire Industries base, featuring near direct access to the M7 Motorway.

Ray remains hands on with the business today, regularly joining his four other prime mover drivers during busy periods.