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Road tolls proposed for east coast highways

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Infrastructure Australia's head says tolls on major highways would raise much needed funds. (Inside Business)

The head of the Federal Government’s infrastructure body has proposed putting tolls on at least three major highways along Australia’s east coast.

Infrastructure Australia’s Michael Deegan says the Hume, Pacific and Bruce highways, servicing Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, could generate vital funds.

“We’re simply raising this as a potential funding opportunity. We are an advisory body, it’s up to governments to decide, but given the funding challenges for infrastructure right across the country, we do need to look at other forms of funding,” Mr Deegan said.

“We recognise that’s controversial, but we also recognise that given the funding challenges across all governments, we need to consider other forms of payment.” Mr Deegan says raising funds for projects such as the current Pacific Highway upgrade is becoming increasingly difficult.

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