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Cummins big dreams

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Pic:ATA image archive- 10,000 miles with no stopping

It was 1931, and Clessie Cummins had big dreams.

To promote his new Model H diesel engine, Clessie Cummins predicted this truck (pictured above) could go 10,000 miles without stopping.

Did he make it? Yes, but not before having to start the journey again after a wobbly tyre knocked him out.

A steering arm began to disintegrate into the second trip, and it was brother Don to the rescue who managed to make the repairs without the truck stopping.

The truck came to a stop two weeks and 13,535 miles later, beating a previous record. 80 years on, Cummins is still the technology leader in the diesel engine market, providing cutting-edge solutions to the increasingly difficult challenge of producing cleaner-running engines that deliver best in class fuel economy, performance and reliability.

Clessie Cummins‘ spirit of innovation and commitment to quality lives on in the nearly 60,000 Cummins employees who work to design, manufacture and support products that can be found in nearly every type of application imaginable.

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