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Mack Trucks…worlds cleanest concrete mixer

Friday, September 4th, 2009
The Mack

*The New Breed Granite, installed with a Cummins Westport ISL-G gas engine, is the world’s cleanest because it is the only concrete agitator that reduces particulate matter (soot) by 92% and nitrous oxides by 90%, compared with current Australian legislative requirements (US04)1.
In fact, it is the first concrete agitator to meet US EPA 2010 emission levels, not expected to be a requirement in Australia until 2016.

The truck was commissioned by Boral as the next generation of Hippy Trucks powered by natural gas.

Dean Bestwick, General Manager Mack Trucks, said this world-first achievement started out as a desire by Boral to provide the next generation of environmentally friendly gas trucks – thereby establishing a strategic leadership position for both companies.

“Engineered, designed and built in our Australian factory at Wacol, this highly productive heavy-duty concrete agitator, boasts a globally unequalled exhaust emission output. It’s testament to our local innovation and engineering capability,” he said.

Shane Graham, Boral’s General Manager, ACM Concrete, said the truck has just finished a four week trial in Sydney where it matched the carrying capacity of the other vehicles in the fleet and has already proven to be a cost effective transport solution.

“We are committed to a sustainable environmental strategy, and to reducing our reliance on diesel. With five CNG tanks that provide a full day’s operating range, this truck has demonstrated that we can achieve both without compromising our rigorous operational production requirements,” he said.