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At last a realistic affordable Income Protection for Australia’sTruck owner drivers

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Russell Snibson on the right track solving Income Protection for Australia's Truck Owner Drivers

It is no secret that the Transport Industry in Australia has not been blessed with a wide range of acceptable, cost-effective choices when it comes to insurances.

Most Australian truckies have been made aware of the horrific consequences of a disability from an accident or sickness preventing an owner driver from keeping the wheels turning. Families can be financially exposed and banks can dictate terms over debt while fire-sales ruin existing business and personal equity.

We all know that income protection is a must-have cover for your trucking business, because it generates a personal income stream to maintain family income. It also creates cash flow in the business to employ a sub-contractor to keep the truck wheels turning. The owner driver benefits, and the business stays healthy when the driver isn’t.

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Workcover, if available, has let owner drivers down at times, where cover for sickness 24/7, or accidents outside work hours are not covered. Even if the event of a work accident, common accounting practices lowering taxable income for the truck driver can really hurt a Workcover claim.

At last an Insurer has properly understood the Truck and Transport Industry, and has come to the party with a clear market leader product that is thinly distributed and not widely known in the trucking industry.


  • Weekly claim payment based on gross turnover, not taxable income. This allows a higher benefit.
  • No premium loadings for DG, interstate, or manual load.
  • No premium loadings for smokers.
  • No waiting period for 25 conditions. (eg broken wrist).
  • Day 3 cover for a hospital stay.
  • Level Premiums that do not increase every year with age.
  • Affordable realistic premiums.
  • Packaged tax deductible Life Insurance options.

For more information, please contact Russell Snibson:

Ph  0405 182 817


truckies road block threat

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
VOLVO in action

VOLVO in action

Several independent owner drivers threaten road blocks on the Airport Link road and the Ipswich Motorway unless they receive hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to them by collapsed sub contractor TF Group.

The TF Group, based in Sydney, has alleged debts of $11million , with 50% of the debt owed to Queensland operators. TF was hired by Thiess John Holland constructions as the priority contractor for the $4.8 billion Airport Link project. The Thiess/Holland consortium reportedly paid out a small group of contractors in July this year after complaints about unpaid monies to truckie contractors.
Many truckies are left in the lerch and doing it tough with cash flows drying up.
The Ipswich project known as Safelink, is in jeopardy of major construction continuity if the money strapped truckies do not get an answer soon.
The Airport Link is also in jeopardy, and will be a hot topic of discussion by truckies working on the project.

One truckies comment, “our backs are against the wall,” is indicative of the general feeling by the owner drivers who need to meet their fuel costs and installment payments on their trucks.
Truckiesonline, will follow this issue closely, but asks the question…”how and when did it get to the stage that the project contractors could not meet their contractual agreements with the truckies working on these projects”