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GPS Navigation for Australia’s Professional Truck Drivers

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Bridge heights, weights, OD routes and hazardous goods routes concern all professional drivers. Complexity of signage, changes to legislation and of course changes out on the road make it harder for trucks to navigate.



ProNav, a leading GPS brand used by professional intercity and cross country long haul drivers throughout Europe and the US, is now the first GPS navigation system specifically designed for truck drivers in Australia. Developed by Navevo, the UK’s leading specialist GPS software developer, and distributed exclusively by long time GPS advocate Travroute, it provides turn-by-turn street navigation for large vehicles including Trucks, RV’s, Trailers, Buses, Vans, & Caravans featuring the latest Navteq Transport data for Australia.

ProNav allows a driver to enter the vehicles’ vital statistics, including weight, axle weight, height, length and width, as well as the load being carried to calculate the best route to ensure drivers are not confronted with roads or obstacles not suitable for the vehicle or goods.

The easy to use interface of ProNav’s GPS devices, feature a 5″ wide touchscreen, Bluetooth hands free calling and an FM transmitter so that you can hear the navigation instructions via your in-dash vehicle radio, which ideal in a truck environment. The system also includes text to speech, providing clear voice instructions including road names. They also provide an audible and visual warning of fixed safety cameras and provides easy to read icons on the mapping to clearly see which obstacles are being avoided along the truck route. Also includes a Navteq map and transport data upgrade in the first year, ensuring that drivers are always up to date and not worrying about changing maps and transport data.

With safety features that are second to none, ProNav will guide you on your way, ensuring a safe and smooth journey. Safety features include; potential hazard warnings; including steep hills, crosswinds, risk of grounding, and sharp bends, dynamic navigation based on vehicles dimensions and safety camera alerts. Other brands of GPS are simply not designed for professional drivers. ProNav is your only choice for GPS.

Travroute is the exclusive distributor of ProNav GPS products in Australia. ProNav’s PNN-300 GPS model will be available in-store from selected retailers from November 2009, with a srrp of $799.

For more information please go to or call 1300 586 709