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Truck Loads today

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

It’s a load off your mind when you have a full truck load

There’s no need to drive half empty, it’s a costly exercise for an Australian truckie. Truckies Online may have solved the 1/2 load problems you may have from time to time.

All Freight Connect is a direct online service showing you available loads and freight for you to choose from and as the website is interactive you can select your load online, from the cabin of your truck.

The loads vary from b-doubles to small vans and you can become a “member” and join in the best development of online freight management in Australia.

Simply click this link…. Get me a truck load today….don’t forget to join first and be first to organise your next load. All Freight Connect membership is open for truck owner drivers and freight companies wanting to organise their freight loads.


At last a realistic affordable Income Protection for Australia’sTruck owner drivers

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Russell Snibson on the right track solving Income Protection for Australia's Truck Owner Drivers

It is no secret that the Transport Industry in Australia has not been blessed with a wide range of acceptable, cost-effective choices when it comes to insurances.

Most Australian truckies have been made aware of the horrific consequences of a disability from an accident or sickness preventing an owner driver from keeping the wheels turning. Families can be financially exposed and banks can dictate terms over debt while fire-sales ruin existing business and personal equity.

We all know that income protection is a must-have cover for your trucking business, because it generates a personal income stream to maintain family income. It also creates cash flow in the business to employ a sub-contractor to keep the truck wheels turning. The owner driver benefits, and the business stays healthy when the driver isn’t.

Truck insurance quotes from Truck Insurance Australia….click here

Workcover, if available, has let owner drivers down at times, where cover for sickness 24/7, or accidents outside work hours are not covered. Even if the event of a work accident, common accounting practices lowering taxable income for the truck driver can really hurt a Workcover claim.

At last an Insurer has properly understood the Truck and Transport Industry, and has come to the party with a clear market leader product that is thinly distributed and not widely known in the trucking industry.


  • Weekly claim payment based on gross turnover, not taxable income. This allows a higher benefit.
  • No premium loadings for DG, interstate, or manual load.
  • No premium loadings for smokers.
  • No waiting period for 25 conditions. (eg broken wrist).
  • Day 3 cover for a hospital stay.
  • Level Premiums that do not increase every year with age.
  • Affordable realistic premiums.
  • Packaged tax deductible Life Insurance options.

For more information, please contact Russell Snibson:

Ph  0405 182 817


Australian Truckies share the road safely this Easter

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Pic: Google Images

Australian Trucking Association Chief Executive Officer, Stuart St Clair, has called on Australia’s truck drivers to lead by example and drive safely over the Easter/Anzac Day holiday period.

“With Tuesday 26 April being a public holiday, creating an extended five day Easter break, we can expect more cars on the road than usual. Professional drivers know the rules, and we are the ones who should be setting an example for holiday motorists,” Mr St Clair said.

“At the same time, I ask motorists to remember that Australian truck drivers want to get home to their families too, but our trucks perform differently to cars.

“Here are a few tips that motorists can follow to make their trip safer:
• Don’t cut in front of trucks as they slow for traffic lights or when you’re out on the highway. A truck needs a greater distance to stop than you expect, because they are much heavier than cars.
• Don’t overtake trucks when they are turning. Trucks often need to turn from the centre lane at intersections and corners, so stay well back. Remember, if you can’t see the truck driver’s side mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you.
• Please be patient if the truck in front of you slows down when it’s going up a hill; we’re doing our best. If you want to overtake, make sure you can see enough clear road ahead.”
Mr St Clair reminded motorists that this holiday period presents a whole new set of challenges for all road users with school students on their term one holiday break also.

“Motorists often feel under pressure to push on to their destination, even though they’re tired. Truck drivers are legally required to take regular breaks; you should too. The best way we can all get home for Easter is to share the road safely,” Mr St Clair said.

From TruckiesOnline, have a great Easter break

Source: ATA

$90,000 Back Pay For Transport Workers

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Twenty-nine Gippsland transport workers are being reimbursed almost $90,000 after an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman found they were underpaid.

The workers – all from the same company – were underpaid the minimum hourly rate, penalty rates and superannuation.

After Traralgon-based Fair Work inspectors contacted the employer and explained its obligations, the company has agreed to back-pay all entitlements in full.

The largest individual underpayment was $5700.

The transport company was randomly audited as part of the Fair Work Ombudsman’s regular auditing activity. In another local case, a South Gippsland manager has been back-paid $13,400 after he was underpaid annual leave entitlements.

Fair Work Ombudsman Executive Director Michael Campbell says that given the employers all co-operated with inspectors and agreed to voluntarily rectify the underpayments, there will be no further action against the companies involved.

“We have a flexible, fair approach and our preference is always to work with employers to help them voluntarily rectify any non-compliance issues we identify,” he said.

Mr Campbell says the Agency places a strong focus on educating and assisting employers to understand and comply with workplace laws. “We are serious about our job of ensuring regional communities understand their rights and obligations in the workplace.”

Mr Campbell says employers need to regularly review their Award or agreement to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations to their workers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has a number of tools on its website – to assist employees and employers to check minimum rates of pay. Small to medium-sized businesses without human resources staff can also ensure they are better equipped when hiring, managing and dismissing employees by using free template employment documentation with step-by-step instructions.

Employers or employees seeking assistance or further information can also contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 from 8am-6pm weekdays.
For translations, call 13 14 50.
Note: We are unable identify the businesses involved or provide additional information on the cases

Australian Truckies Need Rest Changes

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Weather affected Aussie Truckies wait for the highway to open

NatRoad, Australia’s largest road transport association, continues to call upon State and Territory roads and traffic authorities to temporarily relax rest requirements for heavy vehicle drivers affected by road closures.
Recent heavy rainfall and flash flooding has resulted in temporary road closures on critical transport routes in northern NSW and extensive areas of QLD. Heavy congestion around choke points that remain open and recurrent periods of heavy rainfall has further reduced traffic flow.

Given the dire circumstances of flood affected communities and the prospect of further heavy rainfall, emergency measures for maintaining essential freight deliveries must be urgently considered. “Delays arising from road closures can impact on national freight efficiency, causing knock-on effects to other industries and jeopardising the availability of critical supplies such as food, water, sanitary products and building materials to flood affected communities.” said NatRoad President Rob McIntosh.

“Statutory fatigue management systems are designed for otherwise unimpeded driving conditions and can further compound freight delays during the unusual conditions currently affecting road transport operators.

Drivers must be afforded some level of flexibility to ensure that scheduled rest breaks do not prevent freight movements when opportunities to move through flood affected areas are limited.”

In the UK, drivers were recently allowed to drive up to one extra hour per day to improve the efficiency of freight delivery during snowstorms that have had a similar effect on the ability to move freight on critical transport routes.

Australian State and Territory road transport authorities generally have some discretion in the consideration of circumstances that may have contributed to a breach of a driver’s fatigue management regime. NatRoad urges all relevant authorities to be considerate of the circumstances facing heavy vehicle drivers in flood affected areas, particularly those impacted by road closures.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

At Truckies Online we have been asked to add more of a complete service to Australia’s Truck and Transport Industry. After considering several options we have found that the Truckies and Transport companies want a fast and hastle free guide to Truck Insurance Quotes.

We believe that our online Truck Insurance Quotes fulfils this need so we have made it easy for you.

Click here for Truck Insurance Quotes

Ongoing Fleet Maintenance

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

THE Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has reminded business owners that vehicle and fleet maintenance is an on-going process.

During the recent Safe Work Australia Week, employers and employees were encouraged to review their approach to ensuring safety within the workplace.
VACC, the peak automotive industry body in Victoria, is urging employers and employees to continue to review their approach to safety in the workplace, in particular regard to work related vehicles.
Company cars and commercial vehicles are workplaces and as such, are regulated by health and safety laws. “Vehicle safety should be 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year,” VACC executive director David Purchase said. “Every employer and employee has a responsibility to continuously monitor the safety of their vehicle or fleet.
“A good source of information for managers and drivers is the Guide to Safe Work Related Driving.
“The guide is an important handbook and has been endorsed by the government, police, WorkSafe and the Transport Accident Commission. “The Guide to Safe Work Related Driving says that the selection of the safest possible vehicle needs to be backed up by a preventative maintenance program to ensure vehicle safety is maximized.

A maintenance system ensures that the manufacturer’s service recommendations are met and that the vehicle complies with roadworthiness requirements.
“If a vehicle is neglected and has bald tyres, faulty brakes or broken lights, that vehicle, regardless of its ANCAP safety rating, is at risk of being involved in a road traffic accident,” Mr. Purchase said. “VACC urges all business owners to read and understand the Guide to Safe Work Related Driving.”
For a free copy of the Guide to Safe Work Related Driving go to

Truckies smashed by bookings and fines spree

Monday, February 16th, 2009

What the hell is going on with the spate of some unrealistic bookings and fines police are sourcing from our truckies? Road safety is an issue we all accept, after all, the roads and highways are our workplace, but some of this recent stuff is ridiculous.

We’re all doing it tough at the moment and can do without some of this rubbish to contend with. If floods and bushfires are not enough to contend with nationally, truckies are being hit with big fines and bookings from police. Recently one truckie was booked for being 5mm over length. Another truckie was hit with a $600 fine and loss of 3 points for not entering a change of activity in his log book after parking and before he went to sleep. Yet another $600 fine and loss of 3 points went to another truckie for not logging a change of activity when he stopped to check his chains and go to the toilet. But wait there is even more, fines for 30cms over length on a body truck, and another truckie was booked by police after driving from Mackay to Brisbane in 10 hours even though we know it is a 10 hour run with no slow traffic to contend with. If you know of any other over the top fines, let us know by clicking on the comments at the end of this article (the comments link).

Are GPS units a legal unit of measurement for prosecution? Police seem to think they are…so watch out truckies….it’s all happening out there!!!