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Volvo FH 16 700 from Brisbane Truck Show to WA

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Volvo FH 16 700

On Monday 9th of May, Andre Keune will drive his new Volvo FH16 700 horsepower truck off the Volvo stand at the Brisbane Truck Show and take it 4,500 kilometres across Australia to his base in Perth.

Andre Keune has been using Volvos, as part of his fleet, since he bought a Volvo F 12 back in the mid-1970s. His company Keune Transport is based in Perth but delivers all over Western Australia to places such as Port Hedland, Broome, and the communities in the Pilbara whose place-names are bywords of the Australian mining industry: Newman, Tom Price, Pannawonica, Brockman, Yandi, West Angelas, Area C and Hope Downs.

‘The journey to the mines is about 1,600 kilometres each way,’ says Andre, ‘and my drivers do that in 15-hour shifts in just under three days. They load ammonium nitrate from a fertilizer factory at Kwinana, south of Perth, which takes about four hours all up and then they’re off.’ The trucks go to the mines twice a week, every week.

The iron ore and gold miners of Western Australia use a lot of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, but it’s not for growing vegetables! They’re mixing it with diesel to make blasting explosives. Andre Keune’s Volvos deliver this most vital of mining tools, to some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the country, in conditions that would challenge any truck. Meanwhile, Andre’s other trucks are hauling triple freezer trailers up to Broome, a 4,600 kilometre round trip.

Each of those trucks does six trips per month to Broome and are crewed by two-up driver teams. ‘They’re all long-distance trips and we’re hauling pretty big loads,’ says Andre. ‘The road trains carrying the nitrate are B-double tipper units with a 6-axle dogtrailer and a triple-tipper unit rated at 145 tonnes GCM, with a payload of over a 100 tonnes.

‘When we get the new (FH16) 700 out there we’re going to put a quad behind it rated at 168 tonnes GCM. With journeys this long, every tonne counts.’ So does fuel consumption. Having done the same journeys himself many hundreds of times and with the same drivers for many years, Andre has a very clear picture of the effect on fuel consumption of different engines and driver behaviours.
‘Two things I really like about the Volvos is their Volvo fuel consumption and Volvo supreme comfort,’ says Andre. ‘I ask my drivers to only have a 90 km/h cruising speed because I know that once you get above about 92 km/h, the fuel consumption goes up by about 7%. Couple that with Volvo’s economical engines and we’re talking about a lot of money saved.’

‘I’m thinking of taking the (FH16) 700 back to the hotel in Brisbane after the show and asking the valet to park it for me, ‘laughs Andre, ‘if this is going to be our swansong, we might as well go out in style.’

Melbourne Truck Show on the GO

Thursday, July 16th, 2009
Pat Cook

Pat Cook

Western Star Trucks and MAN Automotive Imports will take an entire hall at the International Truck Trailer and Equipment Show in Melbourne next year, something that will be an important milestone in the company’s history.

When you look at the current truck and trailer market some pundits are convinced that there is nothing but doom to come. However, while commercial sales in many areas have slowed, those at the Western Star Trucks and MAN Automotive Imports headquarters in Brisbane are actively engaged in keeping the two brand names up in lights.

So much so that at the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show in Melbourne from 18–20 March next year, the two truck ranges will occupy an entire exhibition hall, to give visitors an up close and personal view of what is on offer for Australian road transport.

The inaugural Melbourne show, held in 2008 at the Melbourne Showgrounds, was an exciting and highly successful event staged on a large scale and attracting a high number of visitors from all facets of the Trucking Industry. According to Western Star Trucks and MAN Automotive Imports Marketing Manager Pat Cook (pictured), the 2010 show will be another important milestone in the company’s history.

“Never before have we had a hall of our own at any truck show,” he says. “In recent times, Western Star has really come of age with a continually growing market share and we now have an entirely new MAN truck range that will certainly expand sales, too.

“There are some people in the industry who keep referring to a recession, but the ‘R’ word is not in our vocabulary, as both Western Star and MAN have exciting times ahead. We really believe in our product ranges, which are supported by one of the best dealer networks in the business, manned by the best sales people, as well as the best in back-up service.

“The Melbourne show worked well for us last time and we see no reason why 2010 will not be as good, if not better. We are extremely pro-active in the market and can clearly see where our truck ranges fit. The show is an opportunity to inform customers, both existing and potential, how we can help their businesses.”

The full range of Western Star and MAN models will be displayed in Melbourne along with some innovative new products, including latest developments for the refrigerated B-Double market.

“2010 is very important and it is expected Melbourne will showcase products to people taking advantage of the pre-buy before the next round of emissions regulations.

“People need to see what is new. Those in road transport are working smarter and appreciate advantages offered by new technology. At the end of the day they all have to buy trucks, pay drivers and buy fuel, and the show allows them to take a close look at what we can offer, enabling them to make smarter purchase decisions,” Pat points out.

Western Star will utilise its Melbourne show pavilion to host customer functions, which Pat says offers another facet to the big exhibition.

“It gives us the opportunity to have guests in-house amongst the trucks where they can see first-hand vehicle features and presentations, providing them with vital information to meet their truck requirements. With the entire product ranges available for inspection and experts on hand to discuss specific transport needs we can deliver a high quality show experience,” Pat says.

“Because the 2008 show was so successful for us we feel 2010 will build on our success. With both products in the one pavilion we can offer road transport operators complete transport solutions – and that is paramount in times when they need to build their unique businesses.


Friday, April 24th, 2009

Everyday you will hear “buffoons” on channel 40…particularly at peak hour traffic time when the professional truckies need to have optimum concentration on the road. It is nothing but childish and irresponsible of these “buffoons” who should be hung out to dry.

Poor attempts at animal impersonations over channel 40, do little to help the plight of professional truckies. While channel 40 is a dedicated truckie channel, why not open up a “buffoon channel” so the “buffoons” can clown around with each other and leave the pros do their jobs.

Channel 40 Brisbane… Donny in the morning

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Most truckies in Brisbane wake up to “Donny” in the morning. This guy does a brilliant job in updating the latest info on Brisbane traffic, the whereabouts of the latest speed camera locations, and just general “have a good day” talk with Brissy truckies.

There is no need to listen to Brisbane commercial radio, you’ve got it all here with “Donny”.He is one of those great Australian characters.
Donny, as one of our “truckie characters”, salutes you. You are our first entry into the “truckiesonline hall of fame”.
How about a “pic” Donny, so truckiesonline can publish it.

Is there similar guys in other capital cities in Australia who do a similar morning radio show on channel 40…just like Donny?