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Isuzu helps stretch long arm of the law

Monday, December 7th, 2009

THE NSW Police force’s Traffic Technology Section (TTS) is to protect citizens from drivers under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances.

NSW Police Random Drug Testing Unit

NSW Police Random Drug Testing Unit

The TTS is a special unit within the NSW Police force (NSWPol) and uses trained specialists to support local and state wide operations targeting events, holiday periods and special operations and also assists local area police commanders with drug and alcohol testing equipment for regional areas.

To help in their state wide role, NSWPol’s TTS has taken delivery of two Isuzu NPR 400 Long Premium trucks.
They are both fitted with Winnebago bodies and a myriad of electronic equipment to aid in breath analysis, drug testing and communications.

“We have a total of eight trucks in the TTS fleet for drug and alcohol testing and the two Isuzu NPR 400s were considered the appropriate medium sized truck for operating in metropolitan areas, as we needed the manoeuvrability to navigate city streets,” NSW Police Force TTS’s Senior Sergeant Mark Stevens said. “We have had the Isuzu NPR 400s since January 2008 and have never had any issues with the trucks which operate on cycles ranging from 24 hours to nine days.

Isuzu’s SiTEC Series II 155 engine coupled with the automated manual transmissions (AMT) has also given the trucks added user friendliness along with drivability.

“One of the noticeable features in the Isuzu NPR 400 is its six-speed AMT,” Snr. Sgt. Stevens said. “It makes driving in heavy traffic easier, enhancing driver comfort as well as enabling the driver to concentrate on the road, reducing driver fatigue and improving safety. Combined with the power that the SiTEC Series II 155 engines offer, the Isuzu truck overall is a comfortable and easy truck to operate, which met the requirements of the TSS, as the truck is driven by over 20 different staff.”