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UD TRUCKS new look for 2011

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

UD Trucks new look for 2011

UD Trucks’ distinctive red and white logo has received a facelift, with the company’s new chrome and red branding rolling out Australia-wide from January 2011.

The change completes the re-branding of the company which commenced globally in February 2010, when its name was officially changed from Nissan Diesel to UD Trucks.

Cris Gillespie, the Marketing and Communications Manager of UD Trucks Region Oceania, says that the new logo will be applied to all branding, including on the trucks, in dealerships and on all marketing material.

“UD Trucks has now been fully integrated into the Volvo Group and an important part of this integration was to re-establish the brand with a global logo that moves away from the old Nissan Diesel branding,” Cris Gillespie said.

“2011 will mark an exciting time for the UD Trucks brand in Australia with some significant new products and a renewed effort to offer some of the most environmentally friendly trucks on the market”.

“While the new logo provides a visual change to our customers, we believe that the brand will still hold true to its promise of ultimate dependability”.

Many people believe that the UD name was an acronym of “Ultimate Dependability”, the abbreviation was actually derived from the Uniflow-Scavenging Diesel Engine.

This revolutionary supercharged power plant was released in 1955, and provided the driving force for UD Trucks for several decades, with the distinctive red circle and ‘UD’ symbol over time changing from an engine identification badge to a company logo.

UD Trucks are assembled and manufactured in Japan and are exported to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, North America, Central and South America.

The current UD Trucks line up in Australia includes a range of medium and heavy duty products, with the flagship GW model being the number one selling Japanese prime mover in Australia for the past five years.

Swedish multinational AB Volvo acquired the majority ownership of UD Trucks Corporation Japan in March 2007.

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