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Volvo FH16 700 top billing at the Brisbane Truck Show

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Pic: Volvo FH16 700 at the Brisbane Truck Show

General Manager of Volvo Trucks says the Volvo Truck stand will be a showcase of Volvo innovation in technology and safety.

Visitors to the Volvo Trucks stand at the Brisbane Truck Show 2011, will have the opportunity to see the jewel in the crown of the Volvo range, the FH16 700 powered by a massive 700hp engine, that develops 3150 Nm of torque. Gary says it also rules the roost when it comes to fuel economy, reliability and productivity. The FH16 700 is packed with advanced safety features and Gary says that safety has become a priority for smart transport operators.

“This is why Volvo puts such a big emphasis on safety, because it’s fundamental to every moment behind the wheel. We know that our trucks might have to thread a city’s streets one day and do a 1000-kilometre line haul the next. There are different safety considerations for every operating environment, and Volvo trucks are designed to handle all of them.”

Also on display at the show will be a unique roll-over simulator that gives visitors the opportunity to experience the effect of a roll-over first hand. The simulator cabin is a static device that hydraulically rolls 45º to the left and right. It has all the accessories of a real truck and visitors can feel the effects of tilting the cab through 90 degrees. Gary says this simulator demonstrates how critical the seatbelt is for saving lives.

“In some 50% of accidents in which the truck driver sustains injury, a roll-over sequence is involved. And, in at least 60% of accidents the use of a seatbelt would have reduced the injury sustained by the truck driver,” he says. “The seatbelt is the single most effective system for reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities – so I encourage all adults to experience the value of a seatbelt first hand at the Volvo Trucks stand.”

See Volvo Trucks at stand 52 in hall three.

Volvo Truck’s I-Shift Transmission

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Never before has a transmission received such a positive response from drivers and transport companies all over the world. Today 60 per cent of all Volvo FH trucks are sold with I-Shift and it is standard in the world’s most powerful series production truck, the Volvo FH16 700 hp.Volvo I-Shift TransmissionThe I-Shift’s predecessor, Geartronic, was not an optimised solution and an automatic transmission was needed to enhance driver comfort and driving ease. At the same time, the development of electronic systems really took off at the end of the 1990s. More and more of these improved systems were used to control both the engine and the rest of the truck and this created new opportunities to develop an electronically controlled transmission.

Gearchanging can be done manually or automatically. “Performance” mode gives maximum power and best drivability in automatic, while “Economy” mode gives priority to low fuel consumption. In manual operation, gearchanging is done with a button on the gear lever.

The updated I-Shift transmission gives improved functionality on soft grounds, found in construction and timber segments, via the P+ performance mood that optimize gear shifting for these applications.

Faster declutching. Makes it easier for the driver to rock the truck out of difficulty if it gets bogged down.